Research Highlight

IP – 3P Jatropa Curcas L. Variety

This variety is a recurrent selection of IP2-P population. Six weeks of seedling, flowering aged in 6 weeks after transplanting, and harvesting aged in 14 weeks after transplanting. (more ...)

Batu-55 Keprok Orange Variety

Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) has a superior orange variety which the quality is comparable to those of imported oranges. This variety is resulted from a thorough selection process conducted by Indonesian Citrus and Subtropical Fruits Research Insitute (Balitjestro). (more ...)


  • DRN Technical Commission to Implement the RIRN

    05 Jul

    Jakarta – Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister Mohammad Nasir inaugurated 74 members of the National Research Council (DRN) period of 2019 – 2020 which is divided into nine technical commissions (Komtek). (more ...)

  • AIS Bangladesh Visits IAARD

    03 Jul

    Jakarta – Agriculture Information Service (AIS) Bangladesh visited the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Wednesday (3/07/2019). (more ...)

  • Indonesia Supports Application on Robotic and Drone at The 6th AIWGAF

    02 Jul

    Thailand – On the occasion of the 6th ASEAN India Working Group on Agriculture and Forestry, Monday (1/07/2019) in Bangkok, Indonesia proposed two event titles. The events, according to Indonesia Head of Delegation Idha Widi Arsanti from the Ministry of Agriculture, are in accordance to India’s approved proposal on Application on Robotic and Drone as well as Functional Food. (more ...)

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