Research Highlight

Cursina 2 Curcuma Variety

Cursina 2 Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorriza roxburghii) is the result of individual selection from South Sumatra. It has oblong elliptic shaped leaf, has 3 – 6 tillers, 57 – 58 cm long and 17 – 21 cm width leaf, green and light green upper and lower leaves, also 8 – 11 numbers of leaves/plant. Its rhizome is oval shaped with light brown skin and yellow-orange flesh, with 640 – 1300 g weight /clump. (more ...)

Tanggamus Soybean Variety

This variety of soybean is 67 cm in height, flowering age in 35 days after planting, maturity in 88 days after planting, weighing 11 g for 100 grains, and yielding potential of 2.5 t/ha. (more ...)


  • A Platform for Agricultural R&D in the 13th ATWGRAD

    26 Apr

    atwgradDenpasar – Bali Island has been chosen to welcoming delegates from ASEAN member countries and ASEAN partners for the 13th ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agricultural Research and Development (ATWGARD). This event was held in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Province, for two days and at once with three workshops. (more ...)

  • Three Professors of IAARD to Strengthen the Strategic Programme of the Agricultural Ministry

    09 Apr

    Prof_risetBOGOR - IAARD now has 131 Professors after inauguration ceremony held on Monday (9/4/2018) at the Auditorium Ir. Sadikin Sumintawikarta in Bogor, West Java Province. The ceremony was to legitimate three researchers to be a Professor under IAARD. They are: Dr. Ir. Sahardi Mulia, MS, Dr. Ir. Hasil Sembiring, MSc, and Dr. Ir. Made Jana Mejaya, MSc, who each deals with the field of plant cultivation, hydrology and soil conservation, and plant breeding and genetics, respectively (more ...)

  • In ICRR, Japan Built a Trial of Sheet-Pipe System

    15 Mar

    sheet pipe systemSukamandi – As a follow up of last meeting in September 2017, a construction company from Japan, Kyouwa Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd, built a trial of Sheet-Pipe System located in Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) in Sukamandi, West Java Province (13/3/2018). In this occasion, the trial was built in one hectare of land in Research Station of ICRR. (more ...)

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