Research Highlight

Cursina 2 Curcuma Variety

Cursina 2 Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorriza roxburghii) is the result of individual selection from South Sumatra. It has oblong elliptic shaped leaf, has 3 – 6 tillers, 57 – 58 cm long and 17 – 21 cm width leaf, green and light green upper and lower leaves, also 8 – 11 numbers of leaves/plant. Its rhizome is oval shaped with light brown skin and yellow-orange flesh, with 640 – 1300 g weight /clump. (more ...)

IP – 3P Jatropa Curcas L. Variety

This variety is a recurrent selection of IP2-P population. Six weeks of seedling, flowering aged in 6 weeks after transplanting, and harvesting aged in 14 weeks after transplanting. (more ...)


  • Lingga Regency to Established 5000 Acres Paddy Fields

    08 Sep

    Minister for Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman targeted Riau Islands for 5000 acres paddy field establishment. Amran saw the potency of Lingga Regency to be developed, therefor he stated that Lingga should focus in developing the paddy fields. (more ...)

  • Amran : Integration between Food and Plantation Crops

    07 Sep

    JAMBI, South Sumatra – Minister for Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Andi Amran Sulaiman during his visit to Jambi, Monday (5/9/2016) said all hard works from both farmers and government is futile in achieving food self-sufficiency. (more ...)

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