Research Highlight

Merah Delima is Developing in Kotaanyar

The development of Papaya Merah Delima, a research result by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), is intensifying. The public’s acceptance to this crunchy and sweet-taste fruit, have increased. (more ...)

Antin-1 Sweet Potato Variety

Antin-1 sweet potato variety is first introduced by M. Joseph. et al, a researcher from Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute (Balitkabi) Malang to be developed commercially by food and food processing industries including the provision of pharmaceutical raw materials. . This variety contains anthocyanins as antioxidants to avoid free radicals causing aging, cancer and other degenerative diseases. (more ...)


  • "NASA" : Hybrid Corn Cob Double

    20 Mar

    NASA 29Corn is the main food commodity after rice and wheat. Demand for corn continues to rise among the public so that the import of maize can not be avoided. In 2016 the import of maize has dropped about 60% and the government hopes the 2018 maize is not imported. Maize production must be increased in order to reduce imports. (more ...)

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