Research Highlight

Tanggamus Soybean Variety

This variety of soybean is 67 cm in height, flowering age in 35 days after planting, maturity in 88 days after planting, weighing 11 g for 100 grains, and yielding potential of 2.5 t/ha. (more ...)

Trisula Shallot

Trisula shallot can be harvested at 55 days of age. Its yielding potential achieves 23.21 ton/ha with shelf life up to 5 months. (more ...)


  • Soil Sampling and GHG Emission Observation

    03 Mei

    Soil SamplingAlternative Review of Effective and Sustainable Palm Oil Regeneration Pattern is an activity from Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDP) with a team of researchers from the Bogor Agricultural Institute, Horticultural Food Crop Service and Riau Province Plantation and IAARD Riau. (more ...)

  • "NASA" : Hybrid Corn Cob Double

    20 Mar

    NASA 29Corn is the main food commodity after rice and wheat. Demand for corn continues to rise among the public so that the import of maize can not be avoided. In 2016 the import of maize has dropped about 60% and the government hopes the 2018 maize is not imported. Maize production must be increased in order to reduce imports. (more ...)

  • Minister of Agriculture Launched Initial Period of Tumpangsari (intercropping) Corn-Palm Planting

    18 Feb

    Kampar – On Friday 17 February 2017, Minister of Agriculture launched initial corn crop intercropping in palm oil land in the Sei Galuh Sub-village, Tapung, Kampar Regency.It was also attended by Military Region Commander I / BB, the Governor of Riau, The Chief Police of Riau, Military District Commandant 031 / WB, PICKampar Regent and Head office / agency / agencies in the province of Riau, and the elements of Indonesian Armed Force and Indonesian Armed Force Wife Association, as well as farmers, agriculturalists and local communities.The intercropping was conducted in 700 hectares replanted areas or unharvested planting areas in PTPN 5 Sei Galuh, Tapung, Kampar. (more ...)

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