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Vima 2 and Vima 3, IAARD’s Newest Mung Beans Varieties

Mung beans has the characteristic of early matured and high yielding, which makes the commodity potential to be developed, either in paddy field or in dry land. (more ...)

Jestro AG 60 Grape Variety

This variety is similar to Balinese grape but with larger size, different taste and almost seedless or even seedless as the seeds do not developed completely. This grape has sweet taste with sugar content reaching 27 brix, thus its sweetness level is above the grape sweetness level of 20 brix, with potential yield of 25 kg/plant. (more ...)


  • IAARD Contribution for the 18th Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang

    20 Aug

    BSLIn the 2018, Asian Games are officially known as the 18th Asian Games. The Asian Games are Asia's regional multi-event sports that will be held in Jakarta and Palembang (South Sumatera), Indonesia on August 18 to September 2, 2018. Also, there are several cities as host supporters in the West Java and Banten Provinces. 40 branches of sports will be contested, and it consist of 32 olympic sports and 8 non-olympic sports. (more ...)

  • The Role of Youth in Accelerating Inventions towards Agricultural Innovation

    13 Aug

    AIFThe role of youth is inseparable from a nation's civilization. The progress of a nation depends on the rule of its youth, another aspect is the agriculture sector. Creative and energetic ideas from the youth are needed by the agriculture sector in producing innovative technologies that have high value, effective and efficient. (more ...)

  • The Importance of Protecting Inventions with Intellectual Property Rights

    10 Aug

    HKIThe protection of Intellectual Property Rights is very important and strategic issue because it is closely related to the global trade. In the business world, patents, brands, copyrights, protection of plant varieties and others are not separated from Intellectual Property Rights. They are also an intangible asset. Trading of an intangible asset also dominates in developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Korea, and so forth. (more ...)

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