Research Highlight

Balitsa 1 Upright Fava Beans

Balitsa 1 Upright Fava Beans can be first harvested at 53-55 days of age. This variety's yielding potential achieves 19.0 ton/ha with high quality of pods and doesn't require any upholder. It is also able to adapt well in lowland down to 400 m above sea level. (more ...)

Cursina 2 Curcuma Variety

Cursina 2 Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorriza roxburghii) is the result of individual selection from South Sumatra. It has oblong elliptic shaped leaf, has 3 – 6 tillers, 57 – 58 cm long and 17 – 21 cm width leaf, green and light green upper and lower leaves, also 8 – 11 numbers of leaves/plant. Its rhizome is oval shaped with light brown skin and yellow-orange flesh, with 640 – 1300 g weight /clump. (more ...)