Research Highlight

Cubadak Gambier Variety

This variety of gambier was released in 2007, this variety has superior characteristic in terms of its productivity, adaption to environment, and suitability for marginal and dry land. (more ...)

Crop Livestock System

In the development of sustainable agricultural sector, it is necessary to emphasize the use of suitable combinations of crop and livestock varieties for possible higher productivity and benefits. The choice of commodities and livestock in fact influenced not only by technical factors but also by socio and economical conditions. (more ...)


  • No Pests for Happy Farmers

    23 Mei

    A researcher from Indonesian Wetland Research Institute (Balitra-Ina), Syaiful Asikin, has found an eco-friendly pesticide, with the so-called phyto-pesticide. This pesticide contains mainly bark of stems and “kepayang” leaves (Pangium edule). In addition, the formula of this phyto-pesticide has been patented. (more ...)

  • Machinery for Processing Biopharmaca

    22 Mei

    paket pengolahan BiofarmakaIn general, farmers sell the produce of biopharmaca commodities in raw materials or fresh products. In order to improve the value-added, those produce could be sold in the form of semi-finished materials to be input for medicines, food and beverages. Therefore, appropriate machinery for processing biopharmaca products is required. (more ...)

  • A Platform for Agricultural R&D in the 13th ATWGRAD

    26 Apr

    atwgradDenpasar – Bali Island has been chosen to welcoming delegates from ASEAN member countries and ASEAN partners for the 13th ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agricultural Research and Development (ATWGARD). This event was held in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Province, for two days and at once with three workshops. (more ...)

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