Research Highlight

Jestro AG 60 Grape Variety

This variety is similar to Balinese grape but with larger size, different taste and almost seedless or even seedless as the seeds do not developed completely. This grape has sweet taste with sugar content reaching 27 brix, thus its sweetness level is above the grape sweetness level of 20 brix, with potential yield of 25 kg/plant. (more ...)

Cursina 2 Curcuma Variety

Cursina 2 Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorriza roxburghii) is the result of individual selection from South Sumatra. It has oblong elliptic shaped leaf, has 3 – 6 tillers, 57 – 58 cm long and 17 – 21 cm width leaf, green and light green upper and lower leaves, also 8 – 11 numbers of leaves/plant. Its rhizome is oval shaped with light brown skin and yellow-orange flesh, with 640 – 1300 g weight /clump. (more ...)


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