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IT for Agriculture Development

(adm/Mei 26, 2014)

The utilization of advanced Information Technology (IT) for the welfare and development is one of four important things that was conveyed by the Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring during the opening ceremony of the 6th National Information Week in Padang, West Sumatra, Saturday (24/5/2014). (more ...)

MOA Socializes Indonesian Biodiversity at IBEX 2013

(adm/Mei 22, 2014)

Ministry of Agriculture through Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) socialized the Indonesia’s biodiversity of food at the Indonesian Biodiversity Expo (IBEX) 2014. (more ...)

Biodiesel - Close to Realization, Sunan Kemiri to a Wider Development

(adm/Feb 10, 2014)

Working Visit of Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Susilo Siswoutomo, to the Indonesian Industry and Freshner Crops Research Institute, Pakuwon, Sunday (9 Feb 2014) together with representatives of the R20-Regions of Climate Action, to discuss the continuity of ex-mining land uses in order to produce raw material of biodiesel by utilizing the research results from the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) which is sunan pecan (Aleuritus trisperma BLANCO). (more ...)

Cooperation for Developing Alternative and Post-Mining Agriculture

(adm/Jan 22, 2014)

JAKARTA – Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) having collaboration with the Government of Pamekasan Regency, PT Reden Mandiri Energi, PT Timah (PERSERO) Tbk., and PT Yuraku Sukses Abadi. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed Wednesday (22/1/2014) at IAARD’s head quarter, Pasar Minggu. (more ...)

Umali Award for Indonesian Researcher, Prof Sjarifudin Baharsjah

(adm/Jan 17, 2014)

Indonesian agriculture researcher, and former Minister for Agriculture the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Sjarifudin Baharsjah received a prestigious award, the Dioscoro L. Umali Achievement Award or Umali Award, Thursday (Jan 16, 2014) in Makaty City, Manila, Philippines. (more ...)

Bangka Regency Develops Sunan Pecan

(adm/Jan 06, 2014)

BANGKA – Government of Bangka Regency is ready to develop Sunan pecan as biodiesel resources which is planted at tin post-mining land. Regent for Bangka Tarmizi H, in a welcome speech before the Vice Minister for Agriculture Dr Rusman Heriawan in Air Ruay Village, Pemali Sub-district, Bangka Regency, Saturday (04/01/2013), confirmed it. (more ...)

Quality Seed for Quality Results

(hms/Dec 13, 2013)

The successful cultivation of corn is greatly determined by the quality of the seed. Therefore, the need to use superior seed is significant for a successful agricultural business. (more ...)

Conference on Fresh Handling and Agriculture Postharvest Processing

(adm/Nov 19, 2013)

The next few years, the world will require additional food by 70% and energy by 36%. To meet the increasing needs, required means of providing food and energy without damaging the environment. (more ...)

Invigoration, Alternative to Overcome the Decrease of Soybean Seed Quality

(adm/Sep 26, 2013)

The needs of the national soybean reached 2.0 million tons / year. Increasing of soybean production should always be done with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency in soybeans in 2014, among others is expanding the planting area on dry and marginal acid land. (more ...)

Toward Global Genetic Resources Management System

(hms/Sep 25, 2013)

The declining of food production capacity is becoming a common phenomenon in the recent years. No country is self-sufficient in plant genetic resources; all depend on genetic diversity in crops from other countries and regions. International cooperation and open exchange of genetic resources are therefore essential for food security. The fair sharing of benefits arising from the use of these resources has for the first time been practically implemented at the international level through the Treaty and its Standard Material Transfer Agreement. The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) which was established and organized by FAO, is crucial in the fight against hunger and poverty and tackling food security and mal nutrition problems. (more ...)

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