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Make Changes to Save the Future

(adm/Jun 03, 2013)

Indonesian Environmental Week (Pekan Lingkungan Indonesia) again is held to commemorate the World Environment Day on June 5, 2013. The event itself takes place from May 30 to June 2, 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. (more ...)

Caisin (Basica rapa) Grows Well in Yard

(hms/Mei 31, 2013)

Caisin is a variety of leafy vegetables which interests many consumers. There are two available types of caisin i.e. white and green caisin. (more ...)

Prospective to be Developed, High Beta-carotene Sweet Potato

(adm/Mei 30, 2013)

Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) is conducting research of the adaptation on prospective clones of high content beta-carotene sweet potato at several agro-ecosystems which was conducted at four sweet potato central productions in dry season I and II of 2012. This research is aimed to gain sweet potato clones with yielding potential > 25 t/ha, with dry matter content > 28% and contains beta-carotene 29%. (more ...)

Conversion of Robusta to Arabica, to Spur Competitiveness of Indonesian Coffee

(adm/Mei 29, 2013)

Seed has become an entry point of live especially for plants. Its role has become more strategic to long-lived crops and annual nature of its business. (more ...)

African Union Trainees Impressed with Subak

(hms/Mei 28, 2013)

DENPASAR – International Training Workshop on Management in Agricultural for African Union Member Countries is an international training which focuses on agricultural irrigation management which is directed for Extensionists from eight countries associated in African Union. The series of the event has been commenced since May 15th, 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia then continued with a meeting held in Bali Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology on May 19-22, 2013. The training was held in collaboration with the Information and Public Diplomacy, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (more ...)

IAARD Head to Go International

(hms/Mei 27, 2013)

“Indonesia is potential to hold a strategic role in FAO, unfortunately up to now the country has only succeeded in placing one position as one of the Directors in FAO”, said Prof. Indroyono Susilo, Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture, FAO during a guest lecture held on 25 Mei 2013 in Bogor. The event was attended by the Directors, Head of Research Institutes, Researchers, Extensionists, and engineers within IAARD. (more ...)

Jamu Brand Indonesia at Agro & Food 2013

(adm/Mei 24, 2013)

JAKARTA – Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) participated in Agro & Food Expo the 13th. The exhibition inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Suswono was held at Jakarta Convention Center, 23 – 26 May 2013 with the theme ‘Jamu (herbal medicine) Brand Indonesia’. (more ...)

Food Sustainability through Agroforestry

(hms/Mei 23, 2013)

Modernization in agriculture has brought intensive and specific commodities agricultural practices. Although it is undeniable that the farming practices have been able to increase the productivity of a commodity per unit area, but also left a negative impact on the natural damage, erosion, emissions and the decreasing biodiversity resources. Those impacts caused the environment to be more vulnerable to climate change, which in turn lowers the quality of life and community life. (more ...)

Development of Superior Breeding Sheep

(adm/Mei 22, 2013)

Development of research result of superior sheep requires biologically and economically feasible strategy, for it needs to be supported by the structure of production-oriented business system that prioritizes efficiency which consists of three strata. (more ...)

Networking for The Development of National Fruits

(adm/Mei 21, 2013)

Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) in collaboration with PTPN VIII undertake the supply of seeds and fruits application of technology recommendation. This collaboration is a follow up of the previous MoU on the development of the national fruit during the Horticulture Expo 2012 event. (more ...)

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