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Biokult, Feed Additive to Spur Sheep Productivity

(adm/Sep 13, 2013)

Biokult is a low cost pro-biotic and is function as feed supplement and can serve as a feed supplement that is easy to apply and can significantly increased livestock’s growth. (more ...)

Ginger Cultivation In Sacks, Produces Healthy Seed

(adm/Aug 20, 2013)

Ginger cultivation using sacks with friable media is done to produce healthy seeds, free from diseases such as bacterial wilt which is often an obstacle in cultivation. (more ...)

Detam 3 Prida and 4 Prida, Early Matured Black Soybean

(adm/Aug 19, 2013)

For 94 years (1918 – 2012), the Government of Indonesia has released 73 superior soybean varieties, seven among them were black soybean varieties. Otau variety number 27 and Merapi was released in the early period of breeding activities in Indonesia. In 2008, was released two varieties of black soy bean which are Detam 1 and Detam 2. (more ...)

Group Stable System Boosts PO Cow Productivity

(adm/Aug 16, 2013)

Local beef cattle is a national asset which has the potential to be protected as Indonesian germ plasma. One type / population of local beef cattle that genetically has high adaptability to tropical environment is Peranakan Ongole cattle (PO) and the results of its cross. (more ...)

Engkol Box, Simplifies Cocoa Fermentation

(adm/Aug 15, 2013)

The potential of cacao field at Yogyakarta in 2011 reached 3.427,7 ha with production amount of 732,53 tons resulted from Kulon Progo Regency. While from Gunungkidul Regency with area of 1.216 ha produced 394 tons. (more ...)

Meristem Culture for Disease-free Strawberry Seed

(adm/Aug 05, 2013)

Who does not know what strawberry is? This sub-tropic fruit is one popular fruit in Indonesia even the whole world. Year to year, the demand for strawberry in Indonesia continues to increase. This increase resulted in the expansion of planting area and increased the demand of strawberry seeds. However, as well as citrus, strawberries are also vulnerable to virus infection. (more ...)

Early Notice, Prevent the Attack, Increase the Production

(adm/Jun 04, 2013)

Rubber has great role for the Indonesian economy. This commodity is one of the main foreign exchange earner of the plantation sector with an export value of about U.S. $ 11.8 billion in 2011. (more ...)

Make Changes to Save the Future

(adm/Jun 03, 2013)

Indonesian Environmental Week (Pekan Lingkungan Indonesia) again is held to commemorate the World Environment Day on June 5, 2013. The event itself takes place from May 30 to June 2, 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. (more ...)

Caisin (Basica rapa) Grows Well in Yard

(hms/Mei 31, 2013)

Caisin is a variety of leafy vegetables which interests many consumers. There are two available types of caisin i.e. white and green caisin. (more ...)

Prospective to be Developed, High Beta-carotene Sweet Potato

(adm/Mei 30, 2013)

Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) is conducting research of the adaptation on prospective clones of high content beta-carotene sweet potato at several agro-ecosystems which was conducted at four sweet potato central productions in dry season I and II of 2012. This research is aimed to gain sweet potato clones with yielding potential > 25 t/ha, with dry matter content > 28% and contains beta-carotene 29%. (more ...)

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