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Dr. Haryono: Planting Calendar Information System will be Effective when it is applied and optimally utilized

(adm/Mar 14, 2012)

Integrated Planting Calendar Information System (Katam) provides prominent information on the potential of cropping patterns, planting time, potential area as well as providing adaptive technology recommendations up to district level throughout Indonesia. This system is operational, and is developed based on climate forecasts per season. It is also possible to be integrated with fertilizer recommendation on seed and integrated pest management (IPM). (more ...)

Sunan Pecan, Rare Plant as Alternative Fuel Sources

(adm/Mar 13, 2012)

LAMONGAN - Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heriawan and Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Prof. Widjajono Partowidagdo along with the Presidential Special Staff for Food Safety and Energy Sector Jusuf Wangkar visited Sunan Drajat Islamic boarding school in Pacitan, Lamongan, East Java, on Sunday (3/11/2012). (more ...)

Five Considerations for System Modeling Rice Surplus

(adm/Mar 12, 2012)

BOGOR - In a policy-making, according to the DG of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono, should be based on multi-disciplinary thinking. It includes the System Modeling for the achievement of 10 million tons of rice Surplus in 2014 as well. (more ...)

The Association of Indonesian Statistics Echelon I and II’s Wives are interested in KRPL (Sustainable Food Houses)

(adm/Mar 08, 2012)

JAKARTA – Since its launch in 2011, Sustainable Food Houses (KRPL) has been widely applied in many regions in Indonesia such as Pacitan, Karawang, Jambi, North Sulawesi and South Sumatra. To further drum up the development of KRPL, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) continues to disseminate the program widely to the public (more ...)

Orlitani: Bio-activator that is Able to Accelerate Composting Process

(adm/Mar 07, 2012)

The Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resource Research and Development (ICABIOGRD) through its researchers Selly Salma et al have produced ideas for composting agricultural wastes processed more quickly through Bio-activator product named Orlitani. (more ...)

Cooperation on Probiotics Luwak Coffee

(adm/Mar 05, 2012)

BOGOR – Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) conducted a signing of cooperation on one of its finest research product i.e. Probiotics Luwak (Asian Palm Civet i.e. Paradoxurushermaphroditus) Coffee, Friday (3/2/2012) at the Office for Agricultural Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management (OATTIPM). (more ...)

PUGAM – A, Fertilizer for Peat Land

(adm/Mar 02, 2012)

Agriculture potential for peat land for both food crops and plantations are very extensive. This is a huge market potential as well as to increase productivity. Peat land fertilizer or better known as PUGAM has been generated by researchers from the Indonesian Soil Research Institute in an effort to support the sustainable management of peat land, improve soil productivity, reduces greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, improving plant and plantation production. (more ...)

Mandel Local Rice

(adm/Mar 01, 2012)

Red rice is type of rice that contains many vitamins especially vitamin B, and E. Gunungkidul nowadays has restaurants that serve red rice (sego abang) and green chili vegetables as their specialties. Particular society has brought red rice to be consumed daily. (more ...)

Prospective Cassava Varieties: High yielding, Rich in Bio-ethanol

(adm/Feb 29, 2012)

The use of cassava for food in Indonesia tends to decline, hence the use of it as industrial raw material including bio-ethanol increases. In 2002, cassava for food reached 53 percent while in 2005 it declined to 45 percent. (more ...)

Out from the Comfort Zone to 10 million tons of Rice Surplus

(adm/Feb 28, 2012)

JAKARTA – In order to achieve the 10 million tons of rice surplus at 2014, according to the Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono, all stakeholders must go out from the comfort zone and make effort to solve the problems existed. (more ...)

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