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IAARD Supports Jambi Agriculture

(adm/Feb 22, 2012)

JAMBI – Director General of the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono said that IAARD will support the agriculture sector in Jambi Province. (more ...)

First Harvest of Maize and Soybean New Superior Varieties

(adm/Feb 21, 2012)

JAMBI – The Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono together with Governor of Jambi Hasan Basri Agus first harvest the BIMA 14 maize and ARGOMULYO soy bean varieties at Pudak Village, Kumpeh Ulu, Muaro Jambi, Saturday (18/2/2012). (more ...)

IMC 2012 to Developed Gorontalo Integrated Farming

(adm/Feb 20, 2012)

GORONTALO – Governor of Gorontalo Rusli Habibie said to the Director General of the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono during a preparatory meeting on International Maize Conference (IMC) 2012 due to take place in Gorontalo, Thursday (16/2/2012), that IAARD should bring investors to Gorontalo to develop integrated farming. (more ...)

The Spotlight of Legumes and Tubers Processed in Jambi

(adm/Feb 17, 2012)

JAMBI – To support the increasing development of Sustainable Food Houses (KRPL), various activities was undertaken. As one of them conducted in Pudak village, Kumpeh Ulu sub district, Muaro regency, Jambi. The Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute (ILTCRI) in collaboration with Jambi Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (Jambi AIAT) held a socialization program to promote variegated legumes and tubers processed food as a way of prompting the KRPL program. (more ...)

Important, Extension’s Leadership towards National Food Security

(adm/Feb 16, 2012)

JAKARTA — “Basically, the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) holds three main duties, they are inventing new superior variety, creating innovation technology to support agricultural productivity and production besides accelerating technology transfer”, said the Director General of IAARD, Dr. Haryono, on his speech during the Workshop on Increasing Extension Capacity, conducted by IAARD on 12-14 February 2012 in Jakarta. (more ...)

Tidal Land, Potential for Soybeans

(adm/Feb 15, 2012)

Last 2011 National Swamp Exhibition, the Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research Institute Dr. Haryono said that the potential of tidal land must be driven back to the center of crop growth. The follow-up of it, the development of rice in tidal land has started, soybeans were included. (more ...)

IAARD’s New Technology Innovations

(adm/Feb 14, 2012)

JAKARTA- Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Technology (IAARD) produces numbers of new technologies on food crops and horticulture seedlings. Those are in a form of superior hybrid paddy lines, potatoes variety and seedless orange. (more ...)

The Future of Agriculture depends on IAARD

(adm/Feb 13, 2012)

SUKAMANDI – “It’s the time for IAARD researchers to walk with pride, confident and bravely showcase their masterpieces. IAARD is the most dynamic institution and this is where the future of Indonesian agriculture lays on ", the statement delivered by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Rusman Heryawan during a visit to Indonesian Center for Rice Research (Friday, 02/11/2012) on a the rice harvest event and observing jajar legowo 2:1 planting system sampling. (more ...)

Keep on Developing KRPL

(adm/Feb 11, 2012)

JAMBI – Sustainable Food Houses Model (KRPL) has been more and more implemented. Pudak Village, Kumpeh Ulu, Moarojambi District, Jambi is one of the village that is guided by KRPL which has succeeded in implementing it. (more ...)

License for Developing the Agriculture Innovation

(adm/Feb 10, 2012)

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) produced food crop and horticulture hatchery technology in the form of superior hybrid rice strains, varieties of potatoes, and seedless orange varieties. (more ...)

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