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Developed the Sustainable Food Houses

(adm/Jan 16, 2012)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appreciated the effort in developing the KRPL (sustainable food houses) as it is done by the community of Pacitan Region, East Java. He also hoped that the effort can increase the food security. (more ...)

The President: Make KRPL as National Program for Household Food Security

(adm/Jan 13, 2012)

"I am pleased with what have been endeavor by the community of Pacitan, especially Kayen Village which have tried hard to realize their family food security". The statement was delivered by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his visit to Sustainable Food House Region (KRPL) Kayen Village, Pacitan District, East Java (Friday, 13/01/12). (more ...)

Hypoma 1 and Hypoma 2: Superior Peanut Variety Resistant to Leaf Spot and Rust

(hms/Jan 09, 2012)

The increase in peanut production continues to be done in order to meet the domestic shortage production. The barriers to improve production these recent years are the impact of climate change that could lead to drought and diseases in peanuts. One of the major biotic problems of peanut plant is leaf spot and leaf rust diseases and a-biotic problem is drought in the late period of its growth due to the changing season from rainy season to dry season which occurs explicitly. Peanut plant breeding activities toward the improvement of productivity and resistance to some of the problems mentioned above continue to be made; Hypoma1 and Hypoma2 are two names of superior new varieties released at the end of 2011. (more ...)

Agricultural Sector: Susceptible to Climate Change

(hms/Dec 28, 2011)

JAKARTA - The impact of climate change which is a necessity and is triggered by human activity, has been keenly felt such as the changes in rainfall patterns and the uncertain of the beginning of rainy and dry seasons. The climatic conditions causing disruptions in cropping patterns and farm activities, increased droughts threat, floods and crop pests (OPT). It's all very real impact on agricultural production even crop failure, especially food crops and horticulture. (more ...)

Cooperation Between IAARD and Pakpak Bharat District

(hms/Dec 16, 2011)

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) together with Pakpak Bharat District signed MoU on ‘Innovation Technology Support to Develop Agriculture in Pakpak Bharat District’, Friday (12/16/2011) at IAARD Auditorium, Jakarta. (more ...)


(hms/Dec 13, 2011)

Based on ARAM III, the 2011 national paddy production plunged 1.63%, from 66.47 million tons in 2010 to 65.39 million tons in 2011. This is due to the declining of harvested area of 0.22% and productivity of 1.42%. This condition is taken seriously by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development to continue its efforts to seek new breakthroughs to create agricultural technology. (more ...)

M-KRPL : A Leverage Point to be a National Program towards Family Food Security

(adm/Dec 12, 2011)

“It truly needs a continuous and integrated movement to develop KRPL (Sustainable Food Houses). In this regards, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) will continue to be the leader“, said the DG of IAARD, Dr. Haryono during the KRPL development coordination meeting in Quality Hotel, Yogyakarta (11/12/11). M-KRPL was first established in Pacitan Regency and has now been broadly replicated in many neighboring regencies in East Java. East Java province recently received a presidential Award on Food Security which was mainly gained through it’s success in developing KRPL. Similar activities were also undertaken by other Directorate Generals and agencies in the Ministry of Agriculture such as Food Self-Sufficient Villages generated by Indonesian Agency for Food Security (IAFS) and Directorate General of Agricultural Processing and Marketing which initiated Farmers’ Market. (more ...)

First Harvest of Bima 14 Batara and Bima 15 Sayang Maize Variety

(hms/Dec 09, 2011)

Dissemination of information during the past decades generally only focused on farmers as potential users of technology. Along with technological and political advances, dissemination of information is also growing to more variation of numbers of channels. In the concept of Multi-Channel Dissemination System (SDMC) developed by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), one of the targets of the dissemination of information and technology are policy makers, assuming that policy makers already have the structure of information dissemination to the province or district area therefore the information can be distributed rapidly and right on target. (more ...)

Awards for IAARD Researchers

(hms/Dec 07, 2011)

JAKARTA – Seven researchers from IAARD received ‘Adhikarya Pangan Nusantara’ Award and Food Security Award, Tuesday (12/6/2011). The awards are given to personal or group as an appreciation and acknowledgement of achievement, hard work, and consistency in supporting the food security. To determine the award recipients is based on an assessment by independent team consisting of experts, practitioners, and media which understand the substance of food security. (more ...)

Tree of Life, Fights Malnutrition

(hms/Dec 06, 2011)

Moringa oleifera, type of tree that can easily grown, from cuttings or seeds, and are often used as a hedge plant is proved to be a hidden source of natural nutrients in a tropical country. Its leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are a source of multivitamins, minerals, protein, and oil. (more ...)

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