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M-KRPL: To Support Food Security

(hms/Dec 05, 2011)

KARAWANG – The peak event of Women’s Planting and Maintaining Movement with the theme 'Green Open Space for Urban Water Absorption' is held in Situ Cipule, Mulyasari Village, Friday (11/02/11). The event is attended by First Lady Ani Bambang Yudhoyono which accompanied by Herawati Boediono and seven women organizations such as Dharma Wanita Persatuan, TP PKK, SIKIB, Bhayangkari, Kowani, Dharma Pertiwi, and the Alliance of Women for Sustainable Development. (more ...)

Innovative Technology R & D for Developing Floriculture Region

(hms/Nov 11, 2011)

"The Balinese have close relationship between one another and appreciate the surrounding of their natural values,” conveyed the Director General of The Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono in his speech during the opening ceremony of the Field Day of Ornamental Plants Innovation II (11/10) which was held in the area of Bedugul, Candi Kuning Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Bali. (more ...)

Socializing High-quality Innovation is a Must

(hms/Nov 10, 2011)

BOGOR – “A high-quality innovation must be well socialized,” said Vice Minister for Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heriawan when opening the National Workshop and Forum Groups Discussion (FDG) Adaptation to Climate Change for Agricultural Sector in Bandung (11/9). The workshop is held to develop strategies and policy recommendations to drive the community especially farmers to be able to adapt to climate change in support of food security and enhance prosperity. (more ...)

Together in Overcoming the World Food Insecurity

(hms/Oct 28, 2011)

BOGOR – Director General of The Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development Dr. Haryono representing the Minister for Agriculture, opened the International Seminar of 'The Future Of Global Food Security And Safety: Issues and Justification', held at Ballroom 3, Botani Square Bogor IPB International Convention Center, Thursday (27/10). (more ...)

Sustainable Food Houses Stole the Spotlight at the World Food Day Celebration, Gorontalo

(adm/Oct 26, 2011)

Sustainable Food Houses (SFH) Model was showcased at the Technologies Exhibition on the top event of World Food Day Observance held in Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, on 18th -22nd October 2011. The model gained the spotlight which highly benefited and directly met the target users. Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) presented the SFH with its theme “Empowering Family Household to overcome the increasing Food Prices towards Food Security” (more ...)

“Is Indonesian Food Supply Sufficient to Feed the Nation?”

(adm/Oct 25, 2011)

It’s a quote from the Vice President (VP) in his speech while opening the World Food Day (WFD) which was held in 20 October 2011 in Bone Balango Regency, the Province of Gorontalo. His visit to the WFD observance was accompanied by Minister of Agriculture, FAO Representatives, James Mc. Grane, and also representatives from 21 companion countries. (more ...)

Abundant Rice Harvest 30 %, After Planting Inpari 4 and Inpari 7

(adm/Oct 25, 2011)

MADIUN—To support the Integrated Crop Management Field School (ICMFP), East Java Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) held a Demonstration Farm (demfarm) by applying Integrated Management Crop (ICM) approach to irrigated rice fields at Tiro Village, Madiun Sub-district capable of yielding 10.20 ton/ha using Inpari 7 variety which was notably much higher than those using Ciherang varieties which only produced 7.30 ton/ha. Prior to the application of the demfarm, farmers could only yield 3-4 ton/ha using Ciherang variety due to Brown Planthopper attacks. (more ...)

Vice President….., the Balance is Barely Sufficient

(adm/Oct 24, 2011)

Gorontalo- National food security is still in balance with the number of population. However, national food security would need to be strengthened because the population growth tends to increase every year. The balance itself is barely stable and therefore it requires a systematic stride to overcome food vulnerabilities in national food supply which is still haunts Indonesian people. (more ...)

World Food Day: Appropriate Technology for Indonesian Food Security

(hms/Oct 24, 2011)

Gorontalo – The national food supply is still quite balanced with the number of population, hence, food security needs to be strengthened, given the number of Indonesia's population continues to grow each year. It takes systematic steps to address food insecurity which still haunts the Indonesian people. (more ...)

Making Floricultural to Compete Internationally

(hms/Oct 22, 2011)

CIANJUR – "Floricultural plants have very promising market in line with economic growth and the increasing of public awareness for the beauty of environment. The development of floricultural commodity is expected to establish the growth of related industries in the production center which in turn is able to promote local economic growth," said the Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) through the speech read by the Executive Secretary of IAARD when opening the IOCRI Open House Variety & Technology, Monday (17/10), at Pacet, Cianjur, West Java. (more ...)

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