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Hatta Rajasa : “Innovation is the Keyword to Win the Market”

(hms/Oct 19, 2011)

Plantations agribusiness is predicted to be more attractive in the coming years. (more ...)

Inaugural Planting of Bima 13 & 14 by the Minister of Agriculture

(hms/Oct 10, 2011)

Minister of Agriculture Suswono took the opportunity to plant new varieties of corn seeds Bima 13 and Bima 14 at the location of the demonstration plot (demplot). (more ...)

Open House: To Promote and Adopted by User

(hms/Oct 05, 2011)

The Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) continues to produce and develop agricultural technology innovations to achieve food self-sufficiency, especially maize. (more ...)

ATWGARD Participant: Field Visit to Sukamandi

(hms/Oct 04, 2011)

The participants of the 6th Meeting of ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agricultural Research and Development (ATWGARD) visited the Freshwater Aquaculture Breeding and Technology Research Center also the Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) in Sukamandi. (more ...)

Strengthening R & D Linkages in ASEAN Countries

(hms/Oct 03, 2011)

Indonesia in this regard the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Ministry of Agriculture hosted the Workshop on Strengthening Agricultural Research Linkages in ASEAN Countries in the series events of The 6th Meeting of ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agricultural Research and Development (ATWGARD) on Thursday (29/09), held at Hotel Salak, Bogor. (more ...)

Experimental Field for the Future of IAARD

(hms/Aug 25, 2011)

In conjunction to the Director General of IAARD’s commitment to revitalize the IAARD’s Experimental Field (KP), on Tuesday (23 / 8) to Wednesday (24 / 8), the Director General of IAARD Dr. Haryono visited experimental field and research centers in the region of West Sumatra. (more ...)

Cut Rose Can Grow in a Plastic House

(hms/Aug 24, 2011)

Rose is commonly called ros or "Queen of Flowers" which is a religious symbol or emblem of life in human civilization. Rose comes from the mainland of China, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In its development, rose is widely spread in cool temperature regions (sub-tropical) and hot regions (tropical), including Indonesia. The Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute reported that this cut roses can be cultivated and grows well in a plastic house. (more ...)

SBY Visited ICASRD, Ciawi

(hms/Aug 23, 2011)

Ramadan this year, the Indonesian Center for Animal Science Research and Development (ICASRD) Ciawi received special visit from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. ICASRD is one of the places visited by the President in series Safari Ramadan events. The President and First Lady Ani Yudhoyono is planned to review several areas of infrastructure in the Province of West Java and Central Java for five days by road. (more ...)

First Prize for IAARD Web

(hms/Aug 18, 2011)

First Prize for IAARD WebThe Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) received the first prize in the Ministry Agriculture Web Site Competition. (more ...)

Guidelines for Hybrid Rice SL-PTT

(hms/Aug 16, 2011)

Guidelines for Hybrid Rice SL-PTTBased on the production system, the development of hybrid rice in Indonesia is highly prospective, considering the elements of its development is available. (more ...)

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