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First Harvest after Five Season Vacuum

(hms/Aug 12, 2011)

First Harvest after Five Season VacuumThe Director General of the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Haryono (11/08/11) attended the first Inpari 13 harvest that was conducted together with the Governor of Central Java and the Director General of The Indonesian Directorat General Food Crops at Sidowayah Village, Polanharjo District, Klaten. (more ...)

IAARD Supports the 16th HAKTEKNAS Event

(hms/Aug 11, 2011)

IAARD Supports the 16th HAKTEKNAS EventThe Commemoration of the National Resurrection Technology day (HAKTEKNAS) began with the success of the nation of Indonesia in conducting the test flight of the Ghatotkacha N-250 aircraft for the first time on August 10, 1995. The success of these achievements is clear evidence of the sons of the Indonesian’s achievement in the effort to develop, implement and master the science and technology. Therefore in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 71 Year 1995, on August 10 is stipulated as HAKTEKNAS. (more ...)

ICEF for Sustainable Agriculture

(hms/Aug 10, 2011)

Indonesian agriculture is faced with the challenge to increase production, strengthen food security, and improve the welfare of farmers, sustainability, resource sustainability, and achievement of MDG's (reduction of poverty, unemployment and food insecurity). On a global scale, the agricultural sector is required to raise awareness of the threat of global warming through adaptation and mitigation efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). (more ...)

Innovation Starts from The Experiment Garden

(hms/Aug 03, 2011)

"The future of IAARD lies in the Experiment Gardens" remarked the Director General of IAARD Dr. Haryono during a visit to some of the IAARD’s Experiment Gardens, last Saturday (6 / 8). (more ...)

Food Crop Technology Promotion on Penas XIII, East Kalimantan

(adm/Jun 28, 2011)

PENAS is a meeting of Contact Farmers and Fishermen event initiated by the People of Farmers and Fishermen since 1971. XIII PENAS 2011 is the continuation of PENAS XII 2007, is a vehicle for the farmers across Indonesia to consolidate, self-development, information exchange, appreciation, partnerships and promotion of agricultural, fishery and forestry are held regularly and continuously. PENAS this time themed "Through the empowerment of farmers and mastery of appropriate technologies we develop the competitiveness of national economy in order to increase the income of farmers. " (more ...)

Two IAARD Researchers Achieved Reward from the President

(hms/Jun 24, 2011)

Two researchers of the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research Institute achieved an award from The President of the Republic of Indonesia. (more ...)

Bali Declaration on Biodiversity, Food Security, and Climate Change

(adm/Mar 12, 2011)

Bali DeclarationOn 11 March 2011 the Republic of Indonesia hosted the Ministerial Conference on Biodiversity, Food Security and Climate Change on the occasion of The Fourth Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (GB-4 ITPGRFA) at The Westin Resorts, Nusa Dua Bali. This conference is attended by 122 participants from 45 countries. The aim of the conference is to reach agreement on the Bali Declaration, especially on easily access to plant genetic resources as raw materials for food security in the era of climate change. (more ...)

Indonesia, the First Developing Country to Contribute Benefit Sharing Fund

(adm/Mar 11, 2011)

GB4At the 4th Session of Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture meeting held in Bali, March 14 - 18, 2011 delegates from 127 countries unanimously approved a resolution on the Funding strategy for the Treaty. With the dedication of more than USD 10 million to the second round of projects of the Benefit-sharing Fund, the Treaty is well on its way towards supporting farmers to achieve sustainable food security by supporting innovative projects that foster on-farm conservation of genetic resources in developing countries. (more ...)

Synergy of Agency for Agriculture Research and Development and BMKG In Climate Information Flow Accerelation Workshop

(adm/Mar 07, 2011)

In order climate information flow acceralation to support increase paddy production and sustainable self-sufficiency, so Research and Development Agency for Agriculture Ministry and Climatology Deputy hold Climate Information System in Auditorium, Agency for Agriculture Research and Development in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Friday (4/3). (more ...)

Technology for Making Banana Flour and the Processed Products

(adm/Feb 18, 2011)

Banana (Musa paradisiaca) is one horticulture commodities that have high prospect as food diversification, food security, and agribusiness in Indonesia. This potential is not only because of the carbohydrate, nutrition, mineral and its fiber contents which really qualify as food commodities and food diet, but also problems that arise during the harvest in which the number of bananas are abundant and heap mainly in the banana production center such as in Lampung Province. The processing of banana into flour is one alternative diversification of the banana commodity in anticipating it and reduces the dependence on wheat and products made from rice raw material. This also supports the four success of the Monistry of Agriculture which are (1) the achievement of self-sufficiency and sustainable self-sufficiency; (2) increased diversification of food; (3) increasing the value added, competitiveness, and export; (4) improving the welfare of farmers. (more ...)

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