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Syngenta Expo at ICRR

(adm/Mar 20, 2010)

On March 9-11th, 2010, Syngenta Expo was held at Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) Agrotourism area. The theme of the Expo is "Increasing Rice Productivity Movement". This event was attended by around 300 participants of farmers group in Karawang and Indramayu Districts. It was opened by Mr. Arshad Saeed Hussain as the President Director of PT. Syngenta Indonesia, and speeches from ICRR was given by Dr. Sudarmaji (Head Division of Program and Evaluation). (more ...)

Minister of Agriculture Distributed Very Early Ripening Paddy Superior Seeds

(adm/Mar 02, 2010)

Minister of Agriculture Suswono had an opportunity to symbolically hand over very early ripening seeds to the nine provinces that are the main rice producers. The hand over of the seeds performed at an interval during the National Coordination Meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture on 4-5 February 2010. It is the realization of one of the 100 first day work programs of the Ministry of Agriculture and also to support the targets of Ministry of Agriculture, i.e. the realization of rice self-sufficiency and sustainable rice self-sufficiency.The seed distribution to each province was actually carried out in December 2009, but symbolically it was conducted during that coordination meeting. (more ...)

IAARD Established Collaboration with Sanbe Farma

(adm/Feb 01, 2010)

IAARD started the year 2010 by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with PT. Sanbe Farma. The MoU is related to license collaboration for inventions produced by IAARD. The MOU was signed directly by the Director of IAARD, Dr. Gatot Irianto and the President Director of PT. Sanbe Farma, Drs. Yahya Santoso, Apt. on Thursday 14 January 2010 witnessed by the high positions officials within IAARD and PT. Sanbe Farma. (more ...)

The Collaboration of ICRDEC on Fence Castor with PT. Australasia Biofuel

(adm/Jan 26, 2010)

Indonesian Center for Research and Development of Estate Crops (ICRDEC) is one step more advanced in its effort to carry out research and development of fence castor oil plants (Jatropha curcas L.). This was marked by the signing of a Collaboration Agreement on the research and development of fence castor oil plants between Indonesian Center for Research and Development of Estate Crops and PT. Australasia biofuel on Friday 22 January 2010 in Bogor. (more ...)

The Fourth Session of the Governing Body: The International Treaty on Plant Genetic and Resources for Food and Agriculture

(adm/Dec 02, 2009)

In the last Governing Body (GB) of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic and Resources for Food and Agriculture in Tunisia, Indonesia has announced to host the “Fourth Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic and Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA)”. The Fourth GB of ITPGRFA has been scheduled to take place in Bali on 7-11 March 2011. In relation to this, Dr.Shakeel Bhatti, secretary of ITPGRFA accompanied by Dr. Haryono, secretary of IAARD, met Suswono, Indonesian Minister of Agriculture on November 30,2009 to report the initial preparation of the Session. (more ...)


(adm/Nov 01, 2009)

COPALThe conference is organised by the Cocoa Producers' Alliance in conjuction with the Government of Indonesia. The main theme are "TOWARDS RATIONAL COCOA PRODUCTION AND EFFICIENT USE FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD COCOA ECONOMY". Conference session will present various papers related to the theme in emphasis on the following requirements: 1). The need to take into consideration the scarcity of land available for cocoa farming; 2). The need to prolong the life span of cocoa trees; 3). The need to produce as much as possible on smaller land area; 4). The need to reduce the effect of pests and diseases through the use of resistant plant material; 5).The need to resort to environment-friendly farming practices; 8). The need to increase the use of cocoa and cocoa by-products; 7).The need to be well informed on and better exploit the benefits of cocoa and cocoa products for human health; 8). The need to reduce or even eliminate the presence of contaminants in cocoa and cocoa derived products; 9). The need to design production management policies in order for supply to be in line with demand; 10). The need to make the functioning of the terminal market and the management of cocoa stocks and cocoa derived products transparent; 11). The need for farmers to achieve remunerative price; 12). The need to improve the standard of living of the cocoa farming community. (more ...)

Five IAARD Plant Breeders Obtained the 2009 EIP Award

(adm/Oct 10, 2009)

EIP AwardIAARD once again obtained recognition for its achievement. Out of nine breeders announced by the Department of National Education as the receivers of the 2009 Extraordinary Intellectual Property (IEP) Awards for Variety Division (Plant Variety Patent Right Producers) five come from IAARD. The five IAARD breeders are Dr. Aan A. Daradjat; Dr. Ir. Budi Marwoto, MS, APU; Dr. Ir. H. Sudjindro, MS; Dr. Abdul Razak Purba; and Dr. Ir. Darman Moudar Arsyad. (more ...)

Tanzanian Prime Minister in Indonesian Center for Rice Research

(adm/Sep 29, 2009)

Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) in Sukamandi again was visited by a state guest. This time, visiting ICRR was the prime Minister of Tanzania on Friday 11 September 2009. The visit was carried out in the frame of bilateral collaborations in the agricultural sector between Indonesian and Tanzanian Governments. (more ...)

Four New Research Professors, a Reward for IAARD on Its 35th Commemoration

(adm/Sep 11, 2009)

Four New Research Professors, a Reward for IAARD on Its 35th CommemorationIAARD adds the number of its research professors after four of its senior researchers was inaugurated to be research professors by the Director General of Indonesian Institute of Sciences Prof. Umar Anggara Jenie, M.Sc. PhD, as the chairperson of Research Professor Inaugurating Committee. The four new research professors are Prof. Ir. Suwandi, MS and Prof. Dr. Ir. Didi Ardi Suriadikarta, M.Sc. inaugurated on 6 August 2009, as well as Prof. Dr. Tahlim Sudaryanto and Prof. drh. Soeripto, MVS, PhD inaugurated on 11 August 2009 simultaneously started the first day of the Third Agro Innovation Event. (more ...)

The Visit of Malaysian Commodity and Agriculture Minister: Fence Castor Oil (Atrophy Carcass)

(adm/Sep 10, 2009)

The visit of Malaysian Commodity and Agriculture Minister to Indonesia is a follow-up and agreement of the 3rd Ministerial Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) for commodities between Malaysia and Indonesia in Bali on 25 April 2008. One of the agreement points is both countries will collaborate to develop bio-diesel from fence castor oil (Jatropha Curcas). The collaboration to be conducted comprises research and development activities related to agronomic practices, breeding of quality seeds, and processing technology. (more ...)

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