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Processing Technology to Improved Competitiveness

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(adm/Apr 26, 2013)

Increase in Value Added and Competitiveness of Agricultural Commodities through the Use of Appropriate Technology is a theme raised by the Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products in the activities of Agricultural Products Processing Technology Exhibition, which runs from Wednesday (04/24/2013) through Friday (26/4 / 2013) in Auditorium Building F, Ministry of Agriculture. (more ...)

Declaration of Horticulture Plasma Core

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(adm/Apr 23, 2013)

The declaration of Plasma core Horticulture Development Partnership in North Gresik, attended by the Minister of Agriculture, State Minister of Research and Technology, Minister of Public Works, Governor of East Java, and Regent of Gresik. The partnership was initiated by PT Polowijo Gosari by involving many partners from private sectors adopted the IAARD’s innovation especially varieties such as Garifta, Marifta, and Kenlayung mango in order to fulfill the market demand both inside and overseas. (more ...)

KATAM Terpadu, to Anticipate Climate Change

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(adm/Apr 15, 2013)

So far, farmers in determining paddy planting season were based on signs of nature which called ‘pranatamangsa’. In the early time this kind of measurement did not find any difficulties, because extreme climate change has not happened. If farmers still stick with the old ways, usually occurred harvest failure caused by draught or flood. Therefor, it is recommended that farmers nowadays utilize the information of Integrated Cropping Calender (KATAM Terpadu) from Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD). (more ...)

AWS, Real Time Weather Data Record Device

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(adm/Apr 12, 2013)

Automatic Weather Station (AWS Telemetry), designed by three IAARD’s (Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development) researchers, is quite effective to automatically, intensively, and continually observed the weather. AWS Telemetry was engineered in Indonesia by developing local technology. Its function is to measure rainfall, air humidity, air temperature, radiation intensity, and wind speed. In two minutes, the weather condition in the location which placed AWS, would directly be recorded and monitored. (more ...)

Winas 2, Drought Tolerant Sesame

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(adm/Apr 11, 2013)

Winas 2 Sesame Variety, is a cross-bred variety between Sumberrejo 1 (Sbr 1) x SI-26, originated from Pitu, Ngawi, East Java. The superiority of this technology/innovation is quite like the previous ones which is Winas 1, suitable to be developed at post paddy field. (more ...)

PMp Duck, Alternative for Poultry Meat and Eggs

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(adm/Apr 10, 2013)

Demands for duck meat which continued to increase shows that the duck market in Indonesia is widely open, as an alternative for poultry in providing cheap animal protein for the community. (more ...)

Round Table Agro Innovation II

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(adm/Apr 09, 2013)

JAKARTA – As one of the effort in accelerating the realization of invention to become innovation, Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) through the Office For Agricultural Technology Transfer And Intellectual Property Management held Round Table Agro Innovation, Friday (5/4/2013) at Merak Room, Jakarta Convention Center. (more ...)

IAARD Shows Off Technology Innovations at Agrinex

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(adm/Apr 08, 2013)

JAKARTA – Agrinex Expo, annual agriculture exhibition to increase production and availability of local agribusiness products, held on April 5 – 7, 2013 at Hall B Jakarta Convention Center. The occasion which has come to year seven this 2013, carried out ‘Agribusiness for Food and Bioenergy Security’ as theme. (more ...)

The Future of Energy Is the Future of Civilization

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(adm/Apr 05, 2013)

JAKARTA – Bio-energy is an alternative energy which can reduces dependency to non-renewable energy and is potential to increase the economic growth and improves environmental quality. (more ...)

IAARD Continues Supporting GTKN

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(adm/Apr 04, 2013)

National Soybean Planting Movement (GTKN) in 2013 in seven soybean producing provinces namely Aceh, North Sumatra, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi, has been launched by the Minister of Agriculture in the Peunarun Baru Village, Peunarun District, East Aceh, December 15, 2012 marked by the inaugural planting and distribution of soybean seed source to seven Head of the Provincial Department of Agriculture Food Crop. (more ...)

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