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Shallot Cultivation

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(hms/Mar 28, 2013)

Allium ascalonicum L is classified as Liliaceae family. It is considered a short-aged seasonal crop and vegetatively multiplied using its bulb while generatively with its seed (TSS: True Shallot Seed). (more ...)

To Bring Research Results Down to Earth

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(adm/Mar 27, 2013)

Vice Minister of Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heryawan in his direction during the opening event of Research Professor Communication Forum workshop, Monday (25/3/2013), expressed that Research Professors should be able to transformed they position and role in order to be visible by the community. Then, to make research results which by any chance are still sky high to be put down to earth, and to strengthen the bond and cooperation between them and their network. (more ...)

Propolis to Enhance PO Cattle Productivity

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(adm/Mar 26, 2013)

Propolis is a bee hive component and is beneficial for medication. Its chemical content and complex composition gives many advantages i.e. as anti cancer, antivirus, antifungal, and anti-biotic. (more ...)

To Support Soybean Seed Sufficiency at NTB

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(adm/Mar 21, 2013)

West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) is one of Indonesia’s soybean production centers with average harvest area (the past five years) 78.589 ha/year, average productivity 1.15 t/ha, and average production 90.288 t/year. (more ...)

White Maize for Food Diversification

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(adm/Feb 26, 2013)

In order to support the food diversification program which is being promoted by the government, the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) assembles and produces four varieties of white maize i.e. Bima Putih-1, Bima Putih-2, Anoman and Srikandi Putih-1. (more ...)

Corporate Management for Science, Innovation And Networking as Modern Engine to Strive Agriculture Resources

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(adm/Feb 25, 2013)

DG Indonesian for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Dr Haryono emphasized to strengthen litkajibangluhrap by strengthening the infrastructure, human resource, and networking. Corporate management approach must be done for the efficiency of human resources. (more ...)

IAARD’s Researchers, Extension Workers, and Engineers Coordination Meetings

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(adm/Feb 21, 2013)

IAARD to operational its main activity for high value-added economy in realizing IAARD's role in agriculture development. (more ...)

Cultivating the Red Chili

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(adm/Feb 20, 2013)

Red chili (Capsicum annuum) is a vegetable commodity that has many benefits, high economic values, and has market prospect. (more ...)

Second Curve: Infrastructure, Human Resource, and Cooperation

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(adm/Feb 19, 2013)

IAARD will enhance the second curve development in infrastructure, human resource capacity, and intensify cooperation with all lines. (more ...)

Ninth Session of the Governing Council of the Centre for the Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture

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(hms/Feb 18, 2013)

Bogor, Indonesia – Representatives of Afghanistan, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand convened the ninth session of the Governing Council of the Centre for the Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA), a subsidiary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The Governing Council gathered in Bogor from 14 to 15 February 2013 and was hosted by the Government of Indonesia (more ...)

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