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Policy Dialogue—Synergy to Transfer Technology

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(hms/Feb 15, 2013)

Policy Dialogue—Synergy to Transfer TechnologyIn conjunction with the CAPSA’s Governing Council to take place from 14-15 February 2013, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) in collaboration with CAPSA held the High-level Policy Dialogue on Technology Transfer for Smallholder Farmers. This event took place on 13 February 2013 in Bogor, Indonesia. (more ...)

Actualizing Clean Government in IAARD

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(hms/Feb 13, 2013)

PelantikanBogor- “Newly appointed officials should work and immediately conduct internal consolidation to actualize clean government in IAARD”, Said the DG of IAARD, Dr. Haryono, on his speech during senior officers incumbency hand over at Sadikin Sumintawikarta Auditorium, Bogor, Wednesday (13/2/2013). (more ...)

PO Cattle: Beef and Worker Cattle

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(adm/Jan 07, 2013)

Ongole Cross Bred Cattle (Peranakan Ongole-PO) usually known as local cattle or Javanese cattle or White cattle is cross bred between Sumba Ongole (SO) male cattle with white Javanese female cattle. (more ...)

The Role of Agricultural Engineering in Agriculture

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(hms/Oct 31, 2012)

SERPONG - Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development (ICAERD) held a National Seminar and Open House. This year theme is “The Role of Agriculture Engineering to Support Food Security and Energy as well as Farmer Welfare” (more ...)

Phytophthora Palmivora Threatens Our Durian Garden

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(adm/Oct 24, 2012)

Medium and large scaled durian garden needs to be developed to accelerate the expansion or improvement of production in order to meet domestic and export demand. The gardens therefore must be managed according to the principles of good farming, since most cropping problems appeared significantly and straight to the intensive cultivation and monoculture. One main problem in durian cultivation is disease attack caused by Phytophthora palmivora Bulter. (more ...)

Closvak Multi, Controlling Enterotoksemia

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(adm/Oct 23, 2012)

Vaccine from Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Sciences, Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) is an in-active vaccine to control enterotoksimia, enteritis nekrotika, pulpy kidney, struck, and lamb dysentery diseases. Contains Formol toxoid from Clostridium perfringens type A, C, and D also adsorbed with Pottasium Sulfate Zinc KAI (SO4)2], this Closvak Multi is suitable for cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, also swine. [(more ...)

Paddock land-based Beef Cattle Development

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(adm/Oct 22, 2012)

Beef cattle industry is a profitable industry if well managed. Basically the chances are quite high, especially outside Java. One of the provinces that can be considered is East Kalimantan (Borneo). (more ...)

Cashew, Cacao, and Coffee Waste for Livestock Feed

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(adm/Sep 07, 2012)

Waste plant in the form of artificial cashews, cocoa shells, and coffee peel when viewed from the aspect of animal feed has the potential to be processed as feed material support (concentrate) which can be used to replace rice bran as an important component in livestock rations. (more ...)

Sharing Ideas For The Future of Soybean

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(hms/Sep 06, 2012)

JAKARTA – The skyrocketing of soybean prices which reached Rp 8,000,- triggered a hard reactions from tempeh and tofu makers. They demanded the import duty of soybeans to be eliminated. On the other hand, no soybean farmers which gain low benefit seriously discussed about this situation. This condition led to the emergence of numbers of difference opinions and suggestions from observers and soybean experts in Indonesia which are very often appeared in national mass media both printed and electronic. (more ...)

Dealing the Climate Change

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(adm/Sep 05, 2012)

JAKARTA – Agriculture which is rich in local resources and the provider of the largest food and employment has been able to withstand the global economic shock. Yet, because of its dependable to land and water which are controlled by weather, agricultural sustainability is now threatened. It was stated by Prof (Research) Le Istiqlal Amien in his retirement oration held at Indonesian Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) Auditorium, Tuesday (4/9/2012). (more ...)

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