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Herbs for Chicken

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(adm/Jul 26, 2012)

Buras chicken (free-range chicken) is one the superior commodities to meet the protein needs of the community. The maintenance is easy and can be cultivated in a narrow area. In general, domestic poultry maintenance system in DKI Jakarta is conducted intensively in cages on an ongoing basis. This system, however, increase the risk of disease in poor environmental sanitation and nothing is done to enhance the stamina of the chicken. (more ...)

Vima 1, Potential for Dry-land

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(adm/Jul 25, 2012)

Short-aged green bean plants (about 55 days) potentially to be developed on dry land, even in dry climates. Such short lifespan is likely to be more tolerant of drought due to the mechanism of escape. Until now, has been released 20 varieties of green beans, 18 of them produced by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD). (more ...)

Sorghum for Food and Bio-ethanol

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(adm/Jul 24, 2012)

Sorghum is a potential cereals crop to be developed to support the food sufficiency program and agribusiness. Several superiorities of sorghum i.e. its adaptability to various agro-ecology (coast to mountain), the less needs of water around 150-22mm/season (half of the water needs by maize, one-third water requirements of sugarcane), resistant to marginal lands, can grow on sloping ground, and more resistant to pests and diseases. (more ...)

Minister’s Visit to Kramat Jati KRPL

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(adm/Jul 23, 2012)

JAKARTA – Minister for Agriculture Dr Suswono accompanied by Director General for Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (DG IAARD) Dr Haryono and the related party visited the Sustainable Food Reserve Garden (KRPL) Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, Friday (20/7/2012). (more ...)

Taman Bogo Experimental Garden is One of The Bests

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(adm/Jul 02, 2012)

LAMPUNG- Taman Bogo Experimental Garden (EG) had an honor to be visited by the DG of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Dr Haryono. The EG itself is located in Probolinggo Sub district, East Lampung Regency where the area is known to have an acid soil that generally has a relatively low productivity. However, the implementation of appropriate land cultivation management such an acid soil land could be optimally transformed as a productive land. (more ...)

RPL at Agriculture Extension Jamboree

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(adm/Jun 29, 2012)

LAMPUNG – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heriawan said that the achievement of self-sufficiency and sustainable self-sufficiency requires technological innovation, management, and competent also professional human resources in an effort to increase production and productivity of agricultural commodities. (more ...)

Nation’s Nutrition Development through the Acceleration of National Milk Production Movement

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(adm/Jun 28, 2012)

JAKARTA – The need for fresh milk in the country is expected to increase because of population growth, awareness of improved nutrition and the increased social welfare. However, current production which amounted to 925.8 million tons can only meet of approximately 20-30% of the national needs; therefore the rest is still imported. (more ...)


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(adm/Jun 27, 2012)

MAKASSAR – Sustainable Food Houses (KRPL) participated the International Anti Drugs Day (HANI) at Badokka, Tuesday (26/6/2012), through collaboration between (SIKIB) and The National Narcotics Agency (BNN). (more ...)

FGD Research and Technology

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(adm/Jun 26, 2012)

JAKARTA – One of a series of events for the National Research Council (DRN) is conducting a Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The topic raised at the FDG held on Tuesday (26/6/2012) was the direction and priorities of the research towards food and agriculture. (more ...)

Gamal Leaf for Goat Scabies

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(adm/Mei 28, 2012)

Scabies is a contagious parasitic skin disease caused by mites. Two species of mites that often cause the goat is scabies Sarcoptes and Psoroptes ovis scabei. The disease is still an important concern in goats in Indonesia. (more ...)

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