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Deputy Minister: Don’t Get Easily Satisfied and Keep on Innovating

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(adm/Mei 27, 2012)

BOGOR – Deputy Minister for Agriculture Dr. Rusman Heriawan on the IAARD Working Meeting, Sunday (27/5/2012) appreciated several work performances that has been done by IAARD. (more ...)

Future Development of Agriculture should be based on R & D

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(adm/Mei 25, 2012)

BOGOR - In 2011, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) succeeded to meet all targets set for the provision of seed sources of rice, corn and soybeans. "As for that, the development of agriculture in the future should be based on research and development results" said the Minister of Agriculture, represented by the DG of IAARD Dr. Haryono at the opening of IAARD Assembly Meeting in Bogor, Friday (25/05/2012). (more ...)

Surjan Technology, Solutions for Citrus Cultivation in Tidal Wetlands

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(adm/Mei 04, 2012)

Tidal wetlands consist of four typologies of land (potential land, acid sulfate, peat, and saline), with four types of flood water with each typology and its combination with overflow type has different traits and characteristics, so its management was to be different. (more ...)

The History: Paddy Thresher

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(adm/Mei 03, 2012)

Human demands for food, making the technology must be developed to solve the problems of how to increase agricultural production. This makes it increasingly displaced the existence of the traditional tools by machines created with the aim to facilitate the fulfillment of human needs. Likewise with the fate of traditional thresher appliance so called Gebotan. (more ...)

Citrus Plant Screen House Model

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(adm/Mei 02, 2012)

Citrus agribusiness development begins with the nurseries that demanded strong support for a strong nursery industry. Availability of citrus seedlings at planting, the number and needs of farmers at an affordable price is the key to the success of citrus agribusiness development in Indonesia. (more ...)

TMMD for Rural Areas Agriculture Improvement

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(adm/Apr 19, 2012)

JAKARTA - Minister of Agriculture Dr Suswono said that the theme of the Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakornis) 2012 is in accordance with the current agriculture development program, whereas all efforts undertaken also focused on enhancing the people's welfare especially farmers in rural areas. (more ...)

IAARD Appreciated South Borneo’s Provincial Government for the Agriculture Development Support

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(adm/Apr 16, 2012)

SOUTH BORNEO – Director General Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (DG IAARD) Dr. Haryono thanked the Provincial Government of South Borneo through the Head of South Borneo Agriculture Bureau for the support on the strategic programs of Ministry of Agriculture also for giving the chance for the IAARD’s research centers such as the Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology and Indonesian Wetland Research Institute to take part to support the agricultural development in the province of South Borneo. (more ...)

NM Rice Supports Rice Production Improvement

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(adm/Apr 12, 2012)

One of the challenges encountered in efforts to increase rice production in West Kalimantan is how the use of fertilizers can improve the efficiency and productivity of rice is directly related to increasing farmers' income and environmental sustainability. (more ...)

Iaard – Adding up Its Research Professors

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(adm/Apr 05, 2012)

Again, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) spawned its research professors earlier on April, 2012 the ceremonial inauguration held in Dr. Sadikin Sumintawikarta Auditorium, Bogor. Three more professors owned by IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture, they are Dr. Ir. Ishak Manti, M.S., Dr. Ir. Sugiono Moeljopawiro, M.Sc., and Dr. Ir. Arief Harsono, M.S. the 98th, 99th and 100th professor. (more ...)

CAPSA: Need a New Approach to Increase Sustainable Food Production

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(adm/Mar 23, 2012)

YOGYAKARTA – Representatives of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam as well as international Organizations attended the Eighth Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific (ESCAP) subsidiary Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA) hosted here from 21 to 22 March by the Government of Indonesia. (more ...)

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