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International Seminar : Rice Innovation

(adm/Apr 09, 2012)

Climate change has affected many aspects of agriculture. Extreme weather has caused storm, drought, and flood in some rice production areas. Increasing of sea level caused saline water intrusion to wider rice areas and seriously affected rice cultivation. In addition, an increasing temperature has reported by scientists could reduce the yield of rice crop. Meanwhile, pests and diseases outbreak are faced by farmers and it was also significantly reduced rice yield.

The impact of global climate change has been reported by scientists and mass media that caused declining yield and quality of rice. It is predicted that in 2020 world population would reach 7 million people. At least 237 million people in Indonesia depend on rice as staple food therefore; special efforts have to be addressed to maintain rice production at sufficient level. Rice production should be increased over time to cope with the increasing population growth. Indonesia’s rice production needs to be increased by 2 million tons of milled rice annually.

Therefore, research and development of rice technologies along with dissemination through farmers and related stakeholders need to be intensified. (more ...)


(adm/Nov 01, 2009)

COPALThe conference is organised by the Cocoa Producers' Alliance in conjuction with the Government of Indonesia. The main theme are "TOWARDS RATIONAL COCOA PRODUCTION AND EFFICIENT USE FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD COCOA ECONOMY". Conference session will present various papers related to the theme in emphasis on the following requirements: 1). The need to take into consideration the scarcity of land available for cocoa farming; 2). The need to prolong the life span of cocoa trees; 3). The need to produce as much as possible on smaller land area; 4). The need to reduce the effect of pests and diseases through the use of resistant plant material; 5).The need to resort to environment-friendly farming practices; 8). The need to increase the use of cocoa and cocoa by-products; 7).The need to be well informed on and better exploit the benefits of cocoa and cocoa products for human health; 8). The need to reduce or even eliminate the presence of contaminants in cocoa and cocoa derived products; 9). The need to design production management policies in order for supply to be in line with demand; 10). The need to make the functioning of the terminal market and the management of cocoa stocks and cocoa derived products transparent; 11). The need for farmers to achieve remunerative price; 12). The need to improve the standard of living of the cocoa farming community. (more ...)

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