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Mapanget Coconut Variety

Research Highlight
(adm/Jun 19, 2013)

Mapanget coconut is launched as national superior coconut in 2005. This coconut was resulted from positive mass population at Mapanget Village, Minahasa District, North Celebes. It can well grows in lowland area up to 300 m above sea level and in dry land with wet climate (rainfall > 2500 – 3500 mm/year). (more ...)

Bima-7 Hybrid Maize Variety

Research Highlight
(adm/Jan 29, 2012)

Bima-7 Maize is classified as super early yielding, harvested in 89 days, has plant height 0f 195 cm, firmed and up righted stem, resistant to lodging because it has strong root, has 14 – 16 rows in cob, pearl type orange colored seed. (more ...)

Fertilizer Test Kit (FTK)

Research Highlight
(adm/Mei 04, 2010)

Fertilizer Test Kit (FTK)Most organic fertilizers in the market do not contain as many nutrients as the stated in the labels, causing losses to the users. Fertilizer testing instrument can help farmers, fertilizer supervisors, and the fertilizer business people to find out the quality of fertilizer quickly. (more ...)

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