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Dering 2 and 3 Soybeans for Dry Land

Research Highlight
(adm/Jul 25, 2019)

Dering 2 and 3 have yielding potential of 3-3.3 ton per hectare with yielding average of 2.4 – 2.5 hectare better than Dering 1. In addition, both soybeans have shorter ripe age around 70 – 76 hst. As for the size of beans, they are larger than Dering 1 weighing around 13.9 – 14.8 gram per 100. (more ...)

New Improved Denarum Agrihorti Mango

Research Highlight
(adm/Jun 27, 2019)

Originally, Mangoes came from India. It has been cultivated for more than 6.000 years. Based on stories told in India, mango tree has an important religious significance. Hindus consider this tree as the modification of Dewa Prajapati (God of all creatures). The word 'Mango' is derived from the Tamil word 'mangkay' or mangas (more ...)

Two Superior Citrus from Bali

Research Highlight
(adm/Jun 25, 2019)

Bali is well known for its natural beauty. As the number one tourist destination in Indonesia, this island has natural resources including horticultural commodities that have the potential to be developed. (more ...)

Genetic Resources of Local Superior Fruit Plants in Jakarta

Research Highlight
(adm/Mei 17, 2019)

Numbers of varieties of plant commodities have been used intensively as food, meanwhile, number of other untapped plant species are known to have potential in supporting plant breeding programs. (more ...)

The Ahang Adro and the Loker Telun Berasap are Local Chili Varieties from Jambi Province

Research Highlight
(adm/Aug 21, 2018)

ahang adro dan Loker Telun BerasapThe Ahang Adro and the Lockers Telun Berasap are the local chili varieties that commonly cultivate at Kerinci District in Jambi province. Each of those varieties have its own peculiarities. Thus, it must be preserved as a local genetic resource. (more ...)

Water Efficient Technology to Support Off-Season Mango Harvest

Research Highlight
(adm/Mei 28, 2018)

off sesson manggaSo far, we have already off season technology to prolong harvest time for mangoes, which is paclobutrazol, a kind of chemical compound to inhibit the shoot growth. Peak season for mangoes used to happen around November to December. At this time, the price is at the lowest. Therefore, technology needs to work to lengthen the harvesting season in order to maintain the peak season in several points of time. (more ...)

Machinery for Processing Biopharmaca

Research Highlight
(adm/Mei 24, 2018)

alat biofarkaIn general, farmers sell the produce of biopharmaca commodities in raw materials or fresh products. In order to improve the value-added, those produce could be sold in the form of semi-finished materials to be input for medicines, food and beverages. Therefore, appropriate machinery for processing biopharmaca products is required. (more ...)

No Pests for Happy Farmers

Research Highlight
(adm/Mei 23, 2018)

wareng coklatA researcher from Indonesian Wetland Research Institute (Balitra-Ina), Syaiful Asikin, has found an eco-friendly pesticide, with the so-called phyto-pesticide. This pesticide contains mainly bark of stems and “kepayang” leaves (Pangium edule). In addition, the formula of this phyto-pesticide has been patented. (more ...)

Jarwo Super at World Food Day 2016

Research Highlight
(adm/Jul 20, 2016)

BOYOLALI – Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) has produced a wide range of technologies in efforts to achieve food security, particularly of national rice production. (more ...)

Cocoa waste as livestock feed

Research Highlight
(adm/Jan 14, 2016)

Research by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) showed that cocoa skin contains fiber, protein, fat, and also amount of organic acids and are potential to become a goat feed. The study also supports the integration program of plantation crops with livestock which widely been shown to improve the health and productivity of crops and increase farmers' income. (more ...)

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