News » NAD AIAT Ready to Deliver 400,000 Arabica Coffee Seedlings for the Victims of Aceh Conflict

(adm/Sep 10, 2008)

This agreement was started in November 2007, in which MAMA-MIA requested Gayo Research Station to supply quality Arabica coffee seedlings to the farmers who were the victims of the long Aceh conflict in the area. This program is aimed at empowering the farmers and rehabilitate their abandoned coffee due to the long conflict.

In a meeting with the Head of the NAD AIAT , T. Iskandar in Bener Meriah, Amir Hamzah, the Gayo Reseach Station Chief said, “The coffee plantation rehabilitation needs to be done immediately since the farmers have returned to cultivate their plantations. This is the right moment to improve the productivity of the community coffee plantations. Furthermore, the coffee plantations can be an additional income source for the beneficiaries – the farmers who were the victims of the conflict”.

At the same time, the Gayo Research Station also builds close cooperation with BRR (Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Centre) in NAD-Nias for the supply of the high quality coffee seedlingss to the people in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah where the Catimor variety of Arabica seedlings is developed. This variety is a specific coffee clone suitable for cultivation in the 2000 – 3000 meters above sea level.

Some seedlings were already sown in the plantation cultivated by Gayo Research Station at the beginning of December last year. To follow up on the agreement, another 2,000 Arabica coffee seedlings were planted. Now, the seedlings are 6 months old and have been moved to the plantation. According to the agreement, the BRR NAD would take the seedlings in October this year.

According to T. Iskandar, “This cooperation must be maintained in order to supply the seedlings that meet the technical requirements of the farmers. High quality seedlings and good plantation management would yield maximum returns. As we all know that most of the Acehnese in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah are coffee farmers whose main family income derives from coffee. Thus, such efforts from and cooperation with different parties in increasing the coffee farmers’ income are especially significant.