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(hms/Dec 07, 2011)

JAKARTA – Seven researchers from IAARD received ‘Adhikarya Pangan Nusantara’ Award and Food Security Award, Tuesday (12/6/2011). The awards are given to personal or group as an appreciation and acknowledgement of achievement, hard work, and consistency in supporting the food security. To determine the award recipients is based on an assessment by independent team consisting of experts, practitioners, and media which understand the substance of food security.

Dr. Haryono, Director General of IAARD, during the recognition ceremony congratulates the winners and encourages them to improve their achievement.  Dr. Haryono also reminded again the message from the President of Republic of Indonesia that the government must work harder to produce rice which related also with the role of research and development. Society must also be encouraged to implement programs together with the government. This will implicate IAARD to continuously improve the quality and quantity of research results.

Research activities should be strengthened, utilization of research results must be accelerated, especially those that give economic impact to the public and farmers. Dr. Haryono therefore emphasized that the direction of the President should immediately be followed up.

Adhikarya Pangan Nusantara Award




Dr. Ir. Sudarmadi Purnama

Director of East Java AIAT

Successfully developed a model of creative innovation Region Sustainable Food House (M-KRPL), among others through the development of the Village Garden Seeds (KBD) and Garden Seeds Core (KBI) to support the development of M-KRPL.

Ir. Moh. Yamin Samaullah, MS

Main Researcher, Indonesian Center for Rice Research

Developed seven varieties of rice: Inpari 10, Inpari 11, Inpari 12, Inpari 13, Silungonggo, Situbagendit and Situpatenggang.

Ir. Zubachtiroddin, MS

Middle Researcher, Indonesian Cereals Research Institute,

Researching corn since 2002 played an active role in the introduction of high yielding varieties of maize technology, corn SLPTT, technology dissemination and the preparation of hybrid seed corn Bima 1 to 5.


Food Security Award




Dr. Ir. Sahardi, MS

Main Researcher, South Celebes AIAT

Designed simple technology to help farmers cope with the problems on repealing young seedlings, by using bed nets in the nursery and together with garden engineers designed direct-seedling tools (Atabela) which can be tuned.

Dr. Ir. Pius P Ketaren, M.Sc

Main Researcher, Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production

Implement technology in livestock utilization of local food for local livestock development and participate in rehabilitation efforts of the eruption of Mount Merapi area as well as being team leader development of Juhut sheep in the village so that the population increased by 300 heads of sheep from 2009 to 1200 in May 2011

Ir. Sigit Nugraha

Middle Researcher, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Post Harvest Research and Development

postharvest technology innovation and improvement of rice quality with the implementation of an integrated agro-industry model in the village Keruak Baturimpang, and succeeded in creating a drying and storage capacity of 15-20 tons of red onion, technology is able to suppress the onion yield loss from 40% to 15%

Risa Indriani, S.Si

Young Researcher, Indonesian Research Center for Veterinary Sciences

In 2008 along with other researchers using isolated virus Avian Influenza (AI) A / Chicken / West Java/PWT-WIJ/2006 as a material for vaccine that is able to provide protection between 80-100%. AI vaccine master seed has been produced since 2009 and is widely used by commercial broiler breeder, these vaccines prevent deaths and maintain egg production.