News » M-KRPL : A Leverage Point to be a National Program towards Family Food Security

(adm/Dec 12, 2011)

“It truly needs a continuous and integrated movement to develop KRPL (Sustainable Food Houses). In this regards, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) will continue to be the leader“, said the DG of IAARD, Dr. Haryono during the KRPL development coordination meeting in Quality Hotel, Yogyakarta (11/12/11).  M-KRPL was first established in Pacitan Regency and has now been broadly replicated in many neighboring regencies in East Java. East Java province recently received a presidential Award on Food Security which was mainly gained through it’s success in developing KRPL. Similar activities were also undertaken by other Directorate Generals and agencies in the Ministry of Agriculture such as Food Self-Sufficient Villages generated by Indonesian Agency for Food Security (IAFS) and Directorate General of Agricultural Processing and Marketing which initiated Farmers’ Market.

The DG of IAARD and his entourage enthusiastically observed M-KRPL in Kayen Village, Jelok Sub-district, Pacitan Regency. On his visit, the DG was welcomed by Pacitan Regent accompanied by heads of Local Government Technical Departments (SKPDs). The entourage then continued the agenda by visiting village nurseries (KBD), followed with an interactive discussion with villagers who have benefited from KRPL. The result of a study conducted by East Java Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) implied that after implementing  KRPL, family expendixtures could be reduced by between Rp. 195,000 - Rp. 650,000 per month. In addition, eagerly almost all regencies in East Java have conducted study visits to Pacitan. This has overwhelmed Kayen village nursery in meeting the overflowing demand of seedlings from other regencies.