News » ARAM III Review

(hms/Dec 13, 2011)

Based on ARAM III, the 2011 national paddy production plunged 1.63%, from 66.47 million tons in 2010 to 65.39 million tons in 2011. This is due to the declining of harvested area of 0.22% and productivity of 1.42%. This condition is taken seriously by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development to continue its efforts to seek new breakthroughs to create agricultural technology.

Reviews on ARAM III was done by IAARD, Monday (12/12/2011) which was attended by representative from the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics, National Defense Agency, BPPT, BMKG, and Echelon I Officials of Ministry of Agriculture was aimed to accomplish the sampling methodology and give inputs on P2BN program in order to achieve the surplus target of 10 million tons in year 2014.

The Vice Minister for Agriculture, Rusman Heriawan, gave his directions in order to: 1) The Center for Data and Information to carry out test on improved estimate harvesting area and be published officially; 2) BPS is asked to carry out study on Jajar Legowo to the Indonesian Rice Research Center in order to refine the tile method. Related to it the Mantri Statistik officer is asked to count the productivity based on the real tiling, the same thing done in IRRC.

Several things were also discussed in this review that related to: 1) sampling methods; 2) vast land of raw rice; 3) rice consumption; 4) distribution of varieties, productivity and yield of the national rice; and 5) shift purpose of land use.