News » The President: Make KRPL as National Program for Household Food Security

(adm/Jan 13, 2012)

"I am pleased with what have been endeavor by the community of Pacitan, especially Kayen Village which have tried hard to realize their family food security". The statement was delivered by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his visit to Sustainable Food House Region (KRPL) Kayen Village, Pacitan District, East Java (Friday, 13/01/12).

The President was accompanied by Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Education and Culture, Minister for State Secretary, Coordinating Minister for Political, Law & Security, and the President’s Expert Staffs’. Not forgetting the Governor of East Java, Pacitan Regent and staffs’. The visit began with the presentation by Pacitan Regent related to the development of KRPL in Pacitan District.

The President then visited KRPL Strata 2 where house holds have yards. This location is integrated with catfish pond, chicken and goat farm. The visit ended at the Village’s Seed Garden which was has been equipped with the drip irrigation technology. In his brief speech, the President instructed the community to utilize every inch of the yard with crops which is the need of daily food, so food will always be available.

On the occasion the President also declared KRPL as national program and is replicable for all provinces in Indonesia. Ministry of Agriculture, especially the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development is requested to always provide guidance and assistance for all KRPL, therefore food security can always be maintained.