News » Developed the Sustainable Food Houses

(adm/Jan 16, 2012)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appreciated the effort in developing the KRPL (sustainable food houses) as it is done by the community of Pacitan Region, East Java. He also hoped that the effort can increase the food security.

KRPL program is hoped to be able to support the community’s need of food when the prices in the market surge. Therefore, variety of plants is prioritized on the type of day-to-day needs which include fruits that are mostly consumed by the community.

“If that has developed, please add with other crops,” said the President during his meeting with the community at the KRPL site, Kayen Village, Pacitan, Friday (13/Jan/2012).

The President urges the people of Indonesia to build KRPL, both at the family level, village level, district level, and the city, so that the daily food requirements can be fulfilled. By having food house, the society will be ready to face the un-stable price.

In addition to the development of food crops around the yard, it also allows the use of a narrow area for freshwater fish farming with small scale. In explicit, the President indicated that through the development of KRPL as it has been applied in several villages at Pacitan Region, it can also be developed new scheme for other regions around Indonesia.

“Ministry of Agriculture please gives explanation, guidance, counseling and budget assistance. Similarly, the Governor and the Regents, let us build food security in all the villages and towns in our country,” the President emphasized.

Utilization of yards beside intended to meet family food and nutrition is also likely to increase household income, if properly designed and planned. It is also designed to increase the consumption of a variety of local food with a principle source of balanced nutrition which is expected to impact the rice consumption reduction. Through the establishment and management of local food sources, the farmers and the community has made the preservation of genetic resources that are beneficial to the lives of future generations.

If the KRPL development movement can be done well, it is expected to accelerate the realization of national food security which is toughly increasing.

Source: Indonesian Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment and Development (ICATAD)