News » Batu-55 Keprok Orange Variety

(adm/Mar 15, 2012)

The variety was named Batu-55 Keprok Orange. This fruit is preferred by consumers because of its sweet, slightly sour and fresh.

This variety has an average height 2,25 m with its duration life reaches 15 years. It has a relatively round fruit shape while its tree shape is spheroid with upright dense branches. This variety also well adapted in 700-1200 m above sea level. Based on numbers of research results conducted by Dr. Hardiyanto, it is shown that the number of fruits per plant are around 2-5 fruits with an average weight 110, 62 g per fruit. Its fruits production reaches 15-25 ky/plant/year.

This citrus has an oblate shape, with rough and slighty bumpy skin surface. This variety is potential to be developed commercially as a potted plant or in friuits agro-industry.