News » Taman Bogo Experimental Garden is One of The Bests

(adm/Jul 02, 2012)

LAMPUNG- Taman Bogo Experimental Garden (EG) had an honor to be visited by the DG of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Dr Haryono. The EG itself is located in Probolinggo Sub district, East Lampung Regency where the area is known to have an acid soil that generally has a relatively low productivity. However, the implementation of appropriate land cultivation management such an acid soil land could be optimally transformed as a productive land.

Thursday (29/6/2012) The DG and his entourage toured around the EG, then observed a paddy field that planted with various variety of paddy which can grow well. In the field, there are also citrus plantation which bears plenty of fruits. The DG then had an opportunity to harvest the citrus as well. Furthermore, they also visited the Sustainable Food Houses (KRPL) in the neighbouring area as well as the fattening cattle which their feed derived from agricultural waste, and then its livestock manure (animal waste) is used to produce biogas.

"Taman Bogo EG has a 20 ha size and are employed with 55 employees which 29 of them are civil servants while the rest are contract labors" said Dr. Rochayati, the head of the EG. She further reported that most of the employees are already approaching their retirement age. "However, we do not need to worry about that matter, as far as we could optimally empower all the available resources", She added.

On the same occasion the GD, Dr. Haryono explained that IAARD has 118 EGs which during the last decade 70 % of them are in a poor condition including Taman Bogo EG. However, it's now the reverse occurs whereas 70 % of them are considerably good. "It means that there are 72 EGs which are already good, 10 out of the 72 are knowingly excellent. The interesting thing is that Taman Bogo is one of the 10 excelent", said the DG.

The DG expected all the related parties to keep up the spirit to work well so that the achievement could ultimately be increased.