News » Bima-7 Hybrid Maize Variety

(adm/Jan 29, 2012)

Bima-7 Maize is classified as super early yielding, harvested in 89 days, has plant height 0f 195 cm, firmed and up righted stem, resistant to lodging because it has strong root, has 14 – 16 rows in cob, pearl type orange colored seed.

High yielding potential up to 12.1 t/ha dry grain(pipilan) at 15% water content. Slightly resistant to downy mildew disease, slightly tolerant to Helmintosporium, and leaf rust disease. This maize contains 74.2% carbohidrate, 11.9% protein, and 6.6% fat.

The existence of Bima – 7 hybrid maize is an alternative for farmer to get the high result and is prospective to be developed by seed industry in order to succeed the maize self-sufficiency program.