News » Inpago 4 Rice Variety

(adm/Jan 31, 2012)

Inpago 4 was released in 2009 by the ICRR. This variety is the crossbreeding of Batutegi/Cigeulis//Ciherang and is classified in Cere group. Its maturity is 124 days, upright stem, 134 cm of plant height, and has 11 panicles of productive tiller.

Oval shaped rice grain, yellow hay colored, and soft textured rice with 21% of amylase content. This variety can produce up to 4.15 t harvested dry grain per ha and has yielding potential of 6.08 t harvested dry grain per ha.

Inpago 4 is resistant to several blast race diseases, tolerant to A1, and has fine rice quality. Besides that, this variety can be the alternative for upland and upland yellow red podzolic rice cultivation.