News » Malang-6 Cassava Variety

(adm/Mar 28, 2012)

Released on 22 October 2001 through the Agriculture Minister Decree No. 523/Kpts/TP.240/10/2001 with clone number: CMM 95066-1 and accession number: MLG 245.

This variety is originated from single crossing between MLG 100071 (female parent) and MLG 10032 (male parent). It has yielding average 36.41 t/ha and 9 months of maturity. The stem height is >2 m with leaf shaped like fingers with fat lobe. The young leaf color is light purple and green for the adult leaf.

It has light green colored petiole, grey colored stem, and white in the outer and yellow in the inside colored periderm. The size of the root is medium and is colored white.

This variety has good cooking quality and tasted bitter. It contains 25-32 % starch, >100 ppm (picrad acid method) HCN. Its resistance to insects is slightly resistant to mites and is adaptive to sub-optimal nutrient.