News » .....Agriculture must be able as a ‘bumper’ in facing the Global Crisis…..

(adm/Mar 15, 2009)

This was delivered by the Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) when giving a welcome speech representing the Minister of Agriculture in inauguration event of the three three Research Professors of AARD in early March 2009.  The three candidates are Ir. B.A. Susila Santosa, MS, from Indonesian Center for Post-Harvest Research and Development, Dr. Ir. Budiharyanto, M.Sc from Indonesian Center for Research and Development of Livestock and Dr. Ir. Samsuri, SU from Indonesian Research Center for Estate Crop.

Susila Santosa was born in Solo 63 years ago and his oration entitled: ”Innovation Technology: DEFATTING : An Opportunity to increase the Diversification of Beans products in Food Industry”. Defatting technology can produce beans with high content of protein, but low in fat. This technology developed quite fast though unrecognized widely by either people or food industry. Budiharyanto entitled his oration as: “The innovation Technology of Food Animals in Integrated System of Zero-Waste Animals Crops (SITT-BL): Supporting the effort to increase the Meat Production”. This research thoroughly studied the optimalization of local animal food derived from agricultural wastes, crops and industry through animal-crop integrated system. Next, the desired title addresssed by Samsuri a 65-year man from Kediri is ”Efforts in minimizing dangerous substances in Virginian tobacco through Oven Technology based on alternative energy”. This research concluded that dangerous substances in Virginian tobacco can be lowered by using indirect heating system i.e. Oven Technology.

Dr. Gatot Irianto always stresses five things in every event including this inauguration ceremony they are (1) do the acceleration system in producing invention and innovation of strategic commodities as the primary target of agricultural development, including breakthrough invention like twining method for Cow, IP 300-400 in rice and ultra and super early ripening varieties, (2) immediately do quick but comprehensive research  dealing with some issues and strategic challenges in developing agriculture, such as fertilizers problem, human resource degradation, global warming and avian influenza, (3) more importantly, the research results should not in forms of reports or scientific publications, but in forms of real and beneficial inventions or products that quickly applied by the society, (4) must have clear time frames, each research has to possess output that quantifiable and measurable, and eventually (5) think carefully and develop breaking-through ideas to arrange and prepare National Midterm Development Plan (RPJMN) and Strategic Plan in Agricultural Sector (RENSTRA) 2010-2014, including agricultural research and development.