News » Probion

(adm/Feb 09, 2013)

Probion is a livestock feed additive which can directly be used as mixture of concentrate or to improve the paddy straw quality through fermentation process. Probion is a microbial consortia from ruminant rumen livestock enriched with essential mineral for the growth of the microbes.

The physical form of Probion is in the form of dust so it can be stored for a long period of time. Its use as mixture of concentrate around 0.5% or in the paddy straw fermentation with the ratio of 2.5 kg Probion and 2.5 urea for each tons of paddy straw.

Probion technology can increase the paddy straw’s protein content twice higher and has a high fiber digestibility (NDF). It can increase livestock bodyweight by 10% in relatively short time. It reduces cost production hence it increases profit.

The Probion is potential to be commercialized by feed industry in fiber production for ruminants especially at paddy production. The opportunity increases if integrated in paddy-livestock system.