News » Etec Multivalen Vaccine

(adm/Apr 01, 2013)

The Multivalent Etec vaccine is made of E. coli bacteria cells containing fimbriae (pili) K88, K99, F41, and 987P antigens.

This vaccine plays important roles in controlling neonatal diarrhea and is used to control colibacilosis in piglets against E. coli K88, K99, F41, and 987P.

Its superiorities, amongst others, are made from local isolates and safety guaranteed, capable to protect piglets from colibacilosis infection by administering vaccination for piglets as well as the maternal protection capacity that lasts for 3 – 4 weeks after birth. In addition, adjuvant does not cause necrosis on the injected spot.

Potential to be developed by veterinary agro-industry and commercial swine farms in the effort to prevent the E. coli bacteria spreading.