News » Prabu Bestari, Grape variety contains high vitamin C

(adm/Aug 12, 2009)

The grave variety Prabu Bestari is a grape introduced from Australia that has been engineered through selections by Indonesian Citrus ad Subtropical Fruits Research Institute. The size of the fruit is big and has an interestingly red color, high yield capacity (10-30 kg/harvest/plant), and the vitamin C content reaches 23.23 mg/100 g which is the specific superiority of Prabu Bestari grape.

This grape variety has a harvest age starting 120 days after the production pruning with a yield between 5-15 tons per hectare, fruit storage capacity reaching 7-14 days at room temperature, and has the ability to adapt well on the lowland of 0-300 m above sea level.This variety is proper to be licensed to the business world. The seeds of this variety can be obtained from Banjarsari Experimental Field Sumberasih Sub-district, Probolinggo Regency, East Java.