News » Bandung, World Food Day: National Seminar on Indonesian Rice Production

(adm/Dec 05, 2008)

World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16th October by almost 179 countries, member of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Indonesia also took part in the celebration by conducting series of activities. One of the activities is national seminar, which was under the responsibility of Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD). The seminar was conducted in form of roundtable discussion, entitled “The Improvement of Rice Production toward 2020: Sustaining Food Self Sufficiency and Opportunity for Export”. The material discussion is written by senior researchers of Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR). Before brought to the national seminar, prior discussions of the material have been conducted starting from ICRR level, Indonesian Research Center for Food Crops Research and Development (ICFORD) level, IAARD level up to Ministry of Agriculture level for inputs and suggestions. 

At the national seminar, the roundtable discussion materials presented by the head of ICRR, Dr. Hasil Sembiring and moderated by The Head of ICFORD, Prof. Dr. Suyamto. The seminar represented panelists such as Prof. Dr. Achmad Maksum, Gajah Mada University; Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Lakitan from The State Ministry of Research and Technology and Prof. Dr. Pantjar Simatupang. The event attended by around one hundred people, was intended to have an advanced discussion on the document to obtain maximum result of the seminar to be presented to the President of Republic of Indonesia.

The conferral of the result of the seminar was held in the World Food Day 2008 remark summit on 3rd of December 2008 in Tegallega, Bandung. The result of the seminar document was handed over by the Head of IAARD, Dr. Gatot Irianto to the Minister of Agriculture representing the President of Indonesia. In short, the seminar result document is about paddy production road map; begins with a description on the importance of rice towards national food security and national rice condition. In addition, it also provides an overview of projection, potency of rice development and strategy, policy and development programs of rice in Indonesia including its possibility for export in the following years.

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