News » Prospective to be Developed, High Beta-carotene Sweet Potato

(adm/Mei 30, 2013)

Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD) is conducting research of the adaptation on prospective clones of high content beta-carotene sweet potato at several agro-ecosystems which was conducted at four sweet potato central productions in dry season I and II of 2012. This research is aimed to gain sweet potato clones with yielding potential > 25 t/ha, with dry matter content > 28% and contains beta-carotene 29%.

Data were collected for harvest index, productivity of tubers, dry matter content, and the levels of β-carotene, pest attacks, variability of tubers, also flavor.

Result showed variability from the tested clones. The highest average harvest index at the four centrals is MIS 0651-09 clone, followed by MSU 06039-07, each 57.3% and 56.1% with an average of 52.1%.

Besides that, also obtained yielding potential of fresh tuber for more than 25 t/ha with dry matter content more than 28%. The prospective clones to be develop is MIS 0651-09 (tasty steamed tuber, high beta-carotene, and dry matter content above 33%), yielding potential reached 35 t/ha with average production 33.18 t/ha at four centers.

MSU 05036-17 clone can be expanded as fresh market based on the tuber’s performance and so does MSU 06039-07 with yielding potential up to 40 t/ha with dry matter content 28.92% and good tuber variability.

Source: Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute