News » Caisin (Basica rapa) Grows Well in Yard

(hms/Mei 31, 2013)

Caisin is a variety of leafy vegetables which interests many consumers. There are two available types of caisin i.e. white and green caisin.

Caisin can grow and well adapted in most type of soil including mineral soil with lenient to heavy and organic soil such as peat land. It also grows well in medium to high land.

This variety of vegetables can also be planted in home yard as for its relatively easy to maintain and that will enable common people to grow by themselves. Many kinds of method in caisin cultivation are available which can be chosen as a role model that will guide farmers to produce good quality of caisin.

In a larger space of land, caisin can be planted using several methods including “bedengan”, potted and or polybags. However, if the available space of land is limited, it can be planted using pot, poly bag or verticulture methods.

There are many varieties of caisin available in the market widely; however as for verticulture, using LV 145 or Tosakan is advisable although Tosakan and Shinta are easier to find in market. Shinta (red-arrow) variety has potential grow reaches 95% while its vigor is pure, clean and healthy.

It is important to carefully recognize the types of model and variety as well as understanding the cultivation of soil, planting, maintenance and postharvest treatment.

Source: Maluku AIAT