News » Meristem Culture for Disease-free Strawberry Seed

(adm/Aug 05, 2013)

Who does not know what strawberry is? This sub-tropic fruit is one popular fruit in Indonesia even the whole world. Year to year, the demand for strawberry in Indonesia continues to increase. This increase resulted in the expansion of planting area and increased the demand of strawberry seeds. However, as well as citrus, strawberries are also vulnerable to virus infection.

Disease caused by virus is still the major factor of production loss, such as Strawberry Mottle Virus (SMoV) which resulted in 30% loss and Strawberry Mild Yellow Edge Virus (SMYEV), Strawberry Crinkle Virus (SCV) also Strawberry Ven Binding Virus (SVBV) which causes a decrease in the production up to 80%.

Because of the vegetative strawberry seed supply system which is by stolons and tillers, are still potential in transmitting disease caused by the virus to the next generation, seed supply of disease-free strawberry is the key to production success.

Meristem culture is a unique technique to free strawberry seeds of viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi. There are five steps of meristem i.e. selection of meristem culture explants, explants sterilization, planting meristem, in-vitro propagation, acclimatization.

Full version of this article appeared in Bahasa with the headline: Produksi Bibit Stroberi Bebas Penyakit Melalui Kultur Meristem.