News » Engkol Box, Simplifies Cocoa Fermentation

(adm/Aug 15, 2013)

The potential of cacao field at Yogyakarta in 2011 reached 3.427,7 ha with production amount of 732,53 tons resulted from Kulon Progo Regency. While from Gunungkidul Regency with area of 1.216 ha produced 394 tons.

In the next few years, cocoa production will increase with the expansion of cocoa plants. The needs to increase production must be counterbalanced with fresh cocoa processing in order to make the dry cocoa beans that are produced be able to be sold and to meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

Fresh cocoa processing is done to crush the pulp, to obtain the reaction of chemistry and biochemistry, in order to gain good quality of dried cocoa beans. A way of fermentation is by using fermentation box with rotator system (engkol).

Such method, beside making it easy in operation, also cheaper, practical and space-saving. With box sized 40 cm wide, 50 cm long and 50 cm high also 50 cm tall, this fermentation box has a maximum capacity of 60 kg of wet cocoa beans and has a propeller mixer.

Mixing technique / reversal is quite easy, by rotating the handle which is located at the side of the box. The color of dry beans obtained from fermentation is quite interesting. Based on the results of laboratory analysis in cocoa fermentation process of this kind can result dry beans in accordance with SNI 01-2323-2008 issued by the National Standardization Agency.

The rotator system fermentation box is introduced in Yogyakarta AIAT at the Ngudi Rejeki Farmers Group, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta. This tool has undergone several improvements to get the maximum fermentation.

Source: Yogyakarta AIAT