News » Group Stable System Boosts PO Cow Productivity

(adm/Aug 16, 2013)

Local beef cattle is a national asset which has the potential to be protected as Indonesian germ plasma. One type / population of local beef cattle that genetically has high adaptability to tropical environment is Peranakan Ongole cattle (PO) and the results of its cross.

Effective maintenance patterns either by individual or group can increase the cattle’s daily body weight. Group maintenance can be done with the availability of large areas while the individual if limited.

Research shows that the pattern of maintenance by using cages (individual or group) with a tiled roof material is comfortable enough to achieve optimal production. Based on the results of several studies on PO cattle growth at the people farm of West Sumatra, the birth weight of pure PO cattle breed is only 19.8 kg. Average weight of its parent breeder aged one year reached 162.9 kg - 180.2 kg. While on one and a half years to reach an average weight of between 192.7 kg - 225.0 kg with Average Daily Gain (ADG) 0.240 kg / day.

This suggests that the genetic basis of existing local beef cattle is widely diverse, thus reasonably have superior genetic potential. Efforts to improve the development of beef cattle needs to be balanced with the initial action through a rigorous selection to form a steady descent phenotypic appearance and economically high-productivity cattle.

Potential biological includes reproductive capabilities and growth rate, which can be optimally developed when getting a good ration to meet the basic needs of life and growth.

Genetic factors also greatly affects the growth. If the elders are good, in accordance with the terms of its function as beef cattle, then the resulting growth would also be fine.

Research shows that the growth rate of daily weight gain (ADG) of the mother cow has better results with the maintenance group. In addition, the feed management improvements for the group parent cows derived from agricultural waste such as agro-industry tumpi plus, tumpi, bran and elephant grass, gained ADG higher than the individual stem cattle.

Source: Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development (ICARD)