News » Detam 3 Prida and 4 Prida, Early Matured Black Soybean

(adm/Aug 19, 2013)

For 94 years (1918 – 2012), the Government of Indonesia has released 73  superior soybean varieties, seven among them were black soybean varieties. Otau variety number 27 and Merapi was released in the early period of breeding activities in Indonesia. In 2008, was released two varieties of black soy bean which are Detam 1 and Detam 2.

The seven black soybean varieties has moderate ripe age, none of them were early matured. On June 17, 2013, was released Detam 3 Prida and Detam 4 Prida black soybean. Detam an acronym of black soybeans; Prida stands for of Basic Research Incentive Program.

Detam 3 Prida resulted from the selection of cross strain between W9837 and Cikuray varieties. It has high yielding potential, up to 3.15 t / ha, early maturing age, 11.8 g/100 sized seeds and slightly tolerant to drought tolerant.

Detam 4 Prida was a selection of cross breed between W9837 strain and 100H-236 with yielding potential up to 2.89t/ha, mature age 76 days, 11g/100 seeds, tolerant to drought in reproductive phase, early mature, slightly resistant to pod sucking pests and also slightly resistant to leaf rust disease.

Both Detam 3 Prida and Detam 4 Prida can be developed as an alternative to tackle climate change, particularly drought, which can be reduced through the seed yield losses from early maturing soybean varieties, and or early maturing soybean which also tolerant to drought, especially in the most critical period that is the reproductive phase.

Source: Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute