News » Food Security Becomes An Actual Issue in the APEC-ATCWG Meeting in Suzhou, China

(adm/Jul 30, 2009)

Various attempts have been carried out in the Asia Pacific Economic Community (APEC) Collaborative Forum such as facilitating economic growths, improving the economic and technical collaborations as well as the togetherness as a community. The Indonesian involvement through the Department of Agriculture is in the Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCWG).

The APEC economic collaboration was established in 1989 to obtain the benefit from the economic improvement in the region. This effort is in line with the vision initiated at the APEC economic leaders meeting in 1993 to realize the regional welfare and stability that can be enjoyed by the whole Asia Pacific communities.

The Department of Agriculture sent four delegations; two of them come from IAARD, for the thirteenth APEC–ATCWG meeting held in Suzhou, China from 22 to 25 June 2009. The meeting was attended by 14 out of 21 APEC members and was organized by lead shepherd (Canada) and China as the host.  The main agenda of the meeting includes: (1) the election of the new lead shepherd replacing Canada, (2) the sharpening of actual issues that become APEC concern such as the agricultural economic policies, food prices, food system, high policy on biotechnology, and the results of declaration/agreement among the economic leaders, and (3) the preliminary review on proposals submitted by the ATCWG members. From the meeting IAARD attained benefits from capacity building such as attending seminars/workshops funded by APEC Secretariat and obtained fund support/sharing to improve the capacity building from at least three APEC members. 

Among others the result of the meeting is the election of Mr. Huajun Tang from China as the ATCWG Lead Shepherd for the period 2010-2014 replacing that from Canada. The new leader is expected to accommodate the policies formulated during the leader meeting. The participants deeply discussed the food security issue and the probable role of ATCWG in overcoming the issue. The initial attempt will be commenced by the Unite State, China Taipei, and Canada to carry out a workshop in formulating programs necessary to be conducted.