News » Biokult, Feed Additive to Spur Sheep Productivity

(adm/Sep 13, 2013)

Biokult is a low cost pro-biotic and is function as feed supplement and can serve as a feed supplement that is easy to apply and can significantly increased livestock’s growth.

Improved performance of sheep can be done by preparing a balanced ration and according to their nutritional needs. Good ration has a high digestibility to be easily absorbed by livestock and efforts to increase digestibility in the rumen is often added to feed additive.

One feed additive that is now popular in increasing the production and animal health is pro-biotic, which can replace the role of antibiotics. Pro-biotic contains components that are necessary for livestock such as vitamins, enzymes and substances that can boost the immune system of livestock.

Pro-biotic is live microbial feed additive form that can improve the balance and function of animal digestion, improve health conditions and improve the productivity of livestock. There are three types of safe live microbial that can be consumed i.e. groups of bacteria, protozoa, and fungi.

Makmur Farmers Group in Puluhan Village, Klaten introduced to Biokult containing live microbes of Lactobacillus casei bacteria and is the result of the breeding of live bacteria that is in Yakult. Materials that are used to make this Biokult are 1 bottle (50 ml) Yakult, 4 liters of molasses and 40 liters of water.

Sheep variability results showed that by giving Biokult can spur faster growth than feeding without Biokult.

Related article appeared in Bahasa Indonesia with the headline: Penggunaan Biokult dalam Pakan Penggemukan Domba.

Source: Indonesian Center for Animal Research and Development (ICARD), full version of this article appeared in Bahasa Indonesia