News » Pulut Maize, Rich in Amylopectin Gives Savory Taste

(adm/Nov 20, 2013)

Pulut maize or glutinous maize is type of special maize which are increasingly popular and needed by consumers and industries. This new released in 2013 maize and is named Pulut URI (Untuk Rakyat Indonesia/For the People of Indonesia), can be used for fulfilling the demand of maize-based processing industry such as marning (traditional crunchy dried and flavored snack made of corn).

New creation of processed pulut maize-based food arise including instant maize rice, maize poridge, etc.

Tasty, savory, soft, and fluffy. The savory taste emerges because of its amylopectin contains in the maize are slightly high, up to 90%.

Aside from its advantages, Pulut maize also has weaknesses among others are low in production, between 2 - 2.5 t/ha. Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) through the Indonesian Cereals Research Institute has made several efforts to enhance the Pulut maize production, among others by local gremplasm crossbreeding that has high yielding potential.

The results, new Pulut maize variety with production up to 6 t/ha or three times higher than the local Pulut.

For further information, Description of Maize Varieties, 2013 (Full text are available in Bahasa Indonesia)

Source : Indonesian Cereals Research Institute