News » IAARD’s Agro Innovation III

(adm/Sep 10, 2009)

On its 35th commemoration, IAARD presents the Third Agro Innovation Event from 11 to 15 August 2009 at Research Campus in Cimanggu Bogor. This activity aims at putting the IAARD identity forward and also becoming a vehicle to bring agricultural researchers and institutions closer with the stakeholders to establish mutual communication. By this mutual communication, IAARD will be more able to direct its activities to produce effective innovations to meet the needs of users.

The Third Agro Innovation Event officially opened by the Minister of Agriculture on 6 August 2009 was marked by presenting agro innovation rewards to local governments, private companies, governmental institutions, tertiary education institutions, and international institutions considered to render services in developing agricultural technology innovations. The series of the Third Agro Innovation Event started on 11 August by the opening of Agro Innovation Exhibition by Mrs. Rosy Anton Apriyantono. This exhibition presented latest innovations of the IAARD and its partners. On 11 August research professor orations were also carried out for two IAARD researchers, i.e. Dr. Tahlim Sudaryanto and drh. Soeripto Ph.D. In the afternoon an interactive dialogue entitled “Reaching for Future Agriculture” was carried out by presenting speakers from various parties such as Local Governments, academics, and practitioners. Other activities until the closing on 15 August comprised international and national seminars in the fields of plantation, animal husbandry, horticulture and post harvest; open house and field trip; exhibition and bazaar as well as return to campus for all seniors of IAARD.

In its 35th commemoration, IAARD makes efforts to shift from consolidation generation producing small scale innovations, i.e. research and assessment results mostly in the forms of policy studies to agricultural technology innovation acceleration generation. In this generation agricultural research and development designs can be directly utilized by industries and community. The collaboration between IAARD and several regional governments, both provincial and regency ones, has been established to develop the technological innovations produced. Moreover, several companies, both national and international ones, have also established collaborations to make the technological innovations have commercial values. The collaborations established consist of three formats, i.e. (1) the formation of technological innovation is carried out together with partners; (2) halfway innovations are perfected by partners; and (3) Complete innovations are licensed to partners.