News » Proper Post-Harvest Handling to Minimize Sorghum Loss Results

(adm/Mei 07, 2014)

Such as rice and maize, sorghum also requires the right post-harvest management to prevent loss result because of scattered, eaten by birds, as well as post-harvest pests and diseases. Post-harvest handling is one of the important linkage that needs attention in the farming of sorghum.

Although there is currently no standard of quality in sorghum trade but the implementation of good post-harvest technologies, especially at the farm level, is needed to make the yield more competitive.

Aspects of post-harvest handling needs special attention, because the information and technology on sorghum postharvest has not been widely known, such as harvesting, drying, bleaching and cleaning, also storing. The quality and quantity of the sorghum yields very much determined by the timing of planting and harvest, how to harvest, and post harvest handling.

The custom of drying sorghum grain is by letting the crop in field, which will have an impact on increasing the risk of yield losses due to pests, especially birds. The use of paddy or maize drying machine to dry sorghum needs modification, adjusted to the form panicle morphology and seeds of sorghum. Other than that secure storage system is also very necessary to protect the seed from damage caused by insects, fungi, rodents, and others.

Full version of this article appeared in Bahasa Indonesia with the headline : Penanganan Pascapanen Sorgum (page 263 – 282)

Source : Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development (ICFORD)