News » Sync All Sectors to Achieve National Food Self-Sufficiency

(adm/Dec 05, 2014)

SUBANG – Vice President Jusuf Kalla on Thursday (4/12/2014) hoped that all sectors that support agricultural should be synchronized, in order to achieve the national food self-sufficiency.

 “We should sync all sectors that support the agricultural, from irrigation, seed, fertilizer, technology, and other supports,” said JK, during his visit to the paddy seed source management unit (UPBS) of the Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR).

JK also explained that Indonesia has remarkable potential in agriculture, including the availability of the new improved variety technology that should continue be developed to support the food self-sufficiency.

As an example, in West Java there are ICRR’s UPBS and also seed producer PT Sang Hyang Seri (SHS).

In particular, JK underlined that ICRR and PT SHS which are close in distance must be able to synergize in developing the technology of the new improved paddy variety to increase the production and farmers’ income.

He also hoped that the dissemination of the superior innovation and technologies which already available, should be accelerated throughout Indonesia for the sake of self-sufficiency.