News » IAARD – IRRI Work Plan Meeting, Four Decades of Collaboration

(adm/Feb 17, 2015)

JAKARTA – The collaboration between Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has entered its fourth decades. Achievements have been made during those time especially in the field of research and assembly of rice cultivation technology.

Among others are the assembling of Maro and Rokan hybrid rice in 2002, Ciherang-Sub 1 variety in 2012, Inpari 34 and Inpari 35 Salin Agritan variety in 2014. Besides that, they have also introduced improved rice technologies for cultivating, pests and diseases management, and post-harvest handling.

Significant benefits also they gained, especially in the access for rice innovation technology research. Therefor, Monday (16/2/2015) IAARD host the IAARD – IRRI Work Plan Meeting which attended by 70 participants from IRRI, IAARD, Directorate General of Food Crops, and Indonesia – IRRI Board of Trustee.

In his keynote speech, DG of IAARD Dr Haryono expressed his expectation that in the future this collaboration between IAARD – IRRI should be able to produce an efficient rice production technology of land, water, labor, and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, strengthening the human resources of agriculture should be a priority in order to build a more advanced, efficient and effective agricultural system.

On the Occasion, IAARD – IRRI also launched rice consulting services (Layanan Konsultasi Padi – LKP) which is a regeneration application of the previous Site Specific Nutrient Management (PHSL) application.

LKP is a web-based consultation application that provides site-specific management guidelines in rice (up to district level) to farmers based on the information supplied.

For further information : Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR)