News » Chrysanthemum Develops in Yogyakarta

(adm/Feb 20, 2015)

The demand of Chrysanthemum in Yogyakarta Province is increasing since it has become tourist destination with its custom traditions and traditional ceremonies. To fulfill the demand, the local government of Kulonprogo together with the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) through its research and assessment institutes, the Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute (IOCRI) and Yogyakarta AIAT collaborates in developing the flower center of production in Bukit Menoreh.

Until now, there are several varieties from IOCRI has developed in the area of Bukit Menoreh i.e. Puspita Nusantara, Sakuntala, Puspita Pelangi, Ratna Hapsari, Cintamani, Kusumapatria, Sasikirana and other varieties.

Other than Bukit Menoreh, chrysanthemum cultivation is also well developed in Hargobinangun Village, Sleman Regency. In 2010, Yogyakarta AIAT cooperated with IOCRI in participatory breeding of selected clones of chrysanthemum.

The breeding took place at one of the technical units Food Crop and Horticulture Development Center in Ngipiksari Village at 800 – 900 m above sea level. Preference test has been done to 10 new clones of chrysanthemum cut flowers.

Further information: Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute (IOCRI)