News » TTP to Accelerate Technology Innovation Flow to Community

(adm/Sep 07, 2015)

Agriculture Technology Park (TTP) and Agriculture Science Park (TSP) are government programs to accelerate the flow of agriculture sector to the field and to be implemented especially by farmers. Garut Regency is chosen as TTP developers from the targeted 100 TTP and 34 TSP, as one of the President Jokowi's Nine Priorities Agenda (Nawacita).

Director General of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) Dr. Muhammad Syakir said that TTP is a pilot project area as well as provider of agricultural technologies.

TTP is expected to trigger and spur farmers to increase agricultural productivity, as well as management of agricultural enterprises. Other than that, to be the center of agriculture technology services by the concept ‘combination between technology dissemination and guidance until what technology to be provided’.

Cikandang village is located in the uplands with heights of 1,310 meters above sea level with temperatures 19-26 ° C making it suitable for agricultural, plantations and animal husbandry areas. The main commodities for the development of agriculture at TTP Garut among others are potato, tomato, carrot, cabbage, red chili, citrus, and coffee, also Garut Sheep.

This village is also said as a fine potato producer, therefor TTP is hoped to make Garut Regency as national supplier of potato seeds.

Support from the Ministry of Agriculture is awaited, in addition to the touch of IAARD’s technology to boost the economy and welfare of Garut. DG of IAARD also said that IAARD is committed to its task and would drive all resources for the benefit of technology dissemination to the public and will synergize this program with other related parties.

TTP should be sustainably designed, therefor joint ownership between related parties is crucial in the development.  Moreover, the development of TTP will use the modern agriculture concept which include technology support.