News » ICALTD Library Visit Day 2015

(adm/Sep 17, 2015)

BOGOR – Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) held a Library Visit Day 2015 on Monday – Wednesday (14 – 16) September at Indonesian Center for Agricultural Library and Technology Dissemination (ICALTD).

Bogor City community were pampered with activities, from visits to the library, storytelling, drawing competition, also movie playback about agriculture. There were also seminar and workshop attended by librarians of Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabodetabek) to improve their writing and document preservation capabilities.  

Library Visit Day is held annually by ICALTD to increase the community’s interest in reading, writing, also to love science through the library.

Library as information provider should continue to be introduced to the public, so that its presence can provide positive benefits in particular in order to help build young generations of information literacy. Therefor to introduce ICALTD as the largest source of agricultural information in Indonesia to students from elementary to higher education is crucial. Hopefully they would put interest to visit and seek information through ICALTD.

Students of Bogor City were invited to see closer the ICALTD and its services. They were introduced to some of ICALTD’s collections such as magazines, books, journals, and audio visual collections namely agricultural technology videos.

Drawing competition were for those in elementary, as the popular article writing about library were for high school students. Other than that, visitor were invited to learn about agricultural technologies such as vegetable cultivation, chicken and rabbit farming, urban farming model which identical with land constraint.